Movie Still #3 from Home Movies

Nobody misses Beverly. It’s all about Brenda. I just don’t understand it sometimes. Can you believe Bev is gone 13 years this August already. Maybe that’s why. It was so long ago. Pretty soon your existence on this planet becomes nothing. Unless you are a president or a celebrity. Unless you are leaving something important […]

Dear Carol…………Entry for June 7, 2007

I was supposed to call you Thursday. I was so busy. How is the weather? Is it starting to get hot? I’m glad you finally got some rain….you guys really need it. I heard you planted some oak trees at the front of the property. Keep them young things watered well!! Josh and Jonnie gonna […]

Moments I found…..Entry for October 27, 2006

Moments I found forever over the long wedding weekend: The 100 degree Sunday and watching football with Larry. Cutting Grants lawn on his tractor and getting “attacked” by a swarm of horseflys…(Susan said that is good luck) The nightly fires outside Grants porch with the music, bugs and long talks. Finding out how generous and […]