Hard to describe in words

You may find yourself… One day I woke up here and the sun was spilling into our bed in what seemed to be huge buckets of yellow and orange paint. We had breakfast together and then went outside into the garden. People come in and out of your life for a reason I come here […]

Forever loved by all

The day we said goodbye to Glenn started as a sunny day like the day before, but slowly turned into a complete washout. The family was drained from Glenns impoverishment and his goodbye was limited to a small memorial service and a rent-a-priest in the funeral home. I don’t believe his cremation even took place […]

A Glenn Hartman Salute

REMEMBERING A BROTHER Middle Child Syndrome Everyone has their own favorite personal stories of Glenn. The fifth born, third son of George and Joan Hartman. Everyone remembers his mischievous smile, his happy laugh, his love of life, his beautiful children and his flirtations with the law and his health. He was born into a home […]

things i will never regret:

Almost dying from osteomyelitis at 2 years old. Starting to drink at an early age. Joining a colorful musical cult. Failing some most math subjects at school. Hating my mother. Almost being abandoned in California by my mother. Doing LSD. Having nine siblings. Experimenting with life-crushing poverty. Almost dying while trying to swim across Farrington […]