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The Fourth Wall

I’m allergic to all the moral corruption that has rained down upon me last few years (sneezes) and Ive become misanthropic. I used to hike in high north Jersey trails and now I drive past them. I used to ride my bike into golden Summer sunsets. Now I’m just fat. I used to write deep […]


this was our first summer Under the canvas gazebo Encased by the towering rows of impatiens, petunia’s and daisy where 8 foot tall sunflowers leaned into the bursting tomatoes conversations deep in three Layers of balanced stones where we met each morning Covered in cool shadows starbucks coffee and melted wax from last nights candles […]

Hard to describe in words

You may find yourself… One day I woke up here and the sun was spilling into our bed in what seemed to be huge buckets of yellow and orange paint. We had breakfast together and then went outside into the garden. People come in and out of your life for a reason I come here […]

stories from Poland

this faraway land just a mysterious dream when I’m awake wet cobblestones in Kraków old village heritage so fresh and green a pile of freshly dug potatoes your mothers swaying flowers your fathers radiant Winter fires Come up and kiss me sometime i wont push you away Or grab me randomly and put your arms […]

What Goes Without Saying

The ART of Appreciation or The Appreciation of ART I enjoy this ____ because ____ I respect this ____ because ____ I admire this ____ because ____ I appreciate this ____ because ____ I think this _____ is worthwhile because ____ I love this ____ because ____ July 2012 New York City The city. In […]

waiting for Big Moon

When I woke up Kryha said “Those poor Japanese people” and here it was eight or so days later and we are still captivated by the news. But when it is the first thing you say when you wake up then you know it was such an intense, earth moving event that you become consumed […]

One giant leap for mankind

Thoughts on turning 50I never dreamed of a mountain top so crisp and clear and deep as I did on August 25 2010. Both my parents and two of my five sisters have passed away. Our Gill cousins are “around the corner” My fathers side has slipped away. Keeping up with the Jones’. AUGUST 2010: […]