Every year i want to make the garden bigger until there is a farm there maybe and mountains instead of the neighbors hoovering houses. Besides the white dog there will suddenly be two big cows and you will teach me how to talk to them in cow language and how to milk them without stressing […]

Bread, the Primary Colors and a Raven

I can count on one hand how many times I have found a real feather in my life. It is such a rare occasion. I always pick them up and find them so fascinating. Each time you pick up a feather it is a reminder that you are on the right path and that your […]

Movie Still #3 from Home Movies

Nobody misses Beverly. It’s all about Brenda. I just don’t understand it sometimes. Can you believe Bev is gone 13 years this August already. Maybe that’s why. It was so long ago. Pretty soon your existence on this planet becomes nothing. Unless you are a president or a celebrity. Unless you are leaving something important […]

Maddy Cleans up her act………Entry for May 23, 2008

Seems Glenn Jr has been teaching Maddy early techniques in street art. Maddy and her friend were seen hanging from a railroad bridge with spraypaint cans and retreated to a much safer, Chalk on the Sidewalk. Check it out! Prettyful Flowers Just an example of some new artwork by Madison. Seems that she is surrounded […]

Maddys Masterpiece…..Entry for Sept, 14 2006

This is what it is all about. Art. Life is art. Everywhere you look. Everything you touch. Color, texture, shadows and even darkness. When a mother lets her daughter go wild in paint….and the mess to clean up is never even a second thought. Because the things that are more important to her are priceless […]

Prayer for a Safe Pregnancy…….Entry for August 23, 2006

This life you have given us is so tiny, fragile, and vulnerable, safe in the womb of flesh and hope, yet subject to danger. O God of love, creator of life, hear our prayer. We want this baby so much. Please grant this child of ours a full term of nurture, the joy and mystery […]