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Indian Winter

indian winter
im not gettin outta bed yet

Mac or PC? Zune or iPod?
Vista or OS X?
Net Book or Mac Book?

hunger or stuffed?; empty or full?
dance or sit?; toilet or woods?

You or your children?; You or them?
Your children or you?; Them or You?
Hardly everybody. Barely you.

i dont have a manifesto but i do have a plan


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BONNIES BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Entry for April 24, 2009

Brenda I received the angel you sent me thank you… Im not real sure how to take this but I will take it as a blessing and not a joke even though I know your up there laughing your ass off… Ya I know I laughed at you when you where 39 and pregnant and i guess now it’s my turn. HA Ha. My angel from Brenda should be arriving in the beginning of December.. Thanks again Brenda I love you.. Ha HA Love to all… :o)

Mommy to be again Bonnie 39 years of age…..

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Goodbye 360 and GeoCities…Entry for May 09, 2009

Yahoo yahoo yahoo. This blog is in the process of moving.
The family web site has moved.
Currently, there are some kinks to iron out.
In the digital world, I have rarely seen any smooth processes.
On the outside, looks nice and yummy. Inside is code, broken links, lost files etc etc.

Yahoo has already decided to eliminate 360 and the GeoCities web site hosting.
You can find me and most of the family over at Facebook.

cheers !

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Entry for April 08, 2009

My family and friends, I am sorry I haven’t been able to update the Family Ties Hartman Web Site. The problem seems to be in Yahoos court. I have tried everything the past two weeks to get this situation fixed. It turns out that I am not the only one with the problem and I am not the only one being ignored.
It seems to be a MacIntosh problem only. Maybe something with securities updates to OSX or maybe with the last Java update.
I am linked to several forums with Mac people trying to figure this rather sudden inconvenience out. The truth is that our site has expanded to the point where I had to become a monthly paying customer and it is beyond RUDE to be treated like this.
As it turns out if you have a PC with Windows software you can work on the site using Internet Explorer. Which I can’t do. BUT with some new software out called “Bootcamp” which is bundled in the Mac Leopard Operating System I was able to install Windows XP on my Mac by partitioning my hard drive. (does that make sense?)
Anyways when I booted up in Windows everything seemed to be working smoothly EXCEPT my wireless. Now that seems like a driver problem in which I am also investigating.
I am sorry for the stutter in the family web site. I hope to have it running again soon.
In any case:
April Birthdays are:
24 Kris & Cassandra 1990
29 Glenn Jr 1987
29 Kimberly 1989

In some other news Barb had a short stopover in Florida and everyone was able to get together. Was told Gary took allot of Pix as he always does.
Greg continues to settle in his new Florida establishment.

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change……}Entry for March 25, 2009

Gregory our brother packed everything he owns (almost) in a car and trailer and took off to the happy sunny skies of Florida. Many people in Ohio will miss him. Some will not understand how somebody could do such a thing. Such a radical change in your life. When I talked to him on the phone he said, I’m not gonna live much longer so I am inspired by that.
Change is the new god in America. Change was the name of our new presidents campaign. Change is the only place you can go from here.
For the first time in three weeks I went back to New York. I realized that I didnt miss it like I thought I did. Screaming fire engines surrounded Port Authority Bus Terminal and firemen with full gear including oxygen tanks were everywhere. I didn’t care. Nobody did. Nothing has changed there. It is just a typical day in NYC when sirens are blaring in your ears at every intersection.
I watched a fire truck stuck in traffic. Just sitting there; lights flashing, horn blasting, siren wailing and nobody could move out of the way for him. The scene was something I did stop and watch because it was such a contrast. What should have been a speeding, loud emergency vehicle was just sitting there. Kinda reminded me of my marriage 8 years ago loud, roaring, scary and going nowhere.
Change is in the air. Buckets of pussy willows and Spring flowers being sold on the streets. Change is the new god so get on yer knees and say dear god please change me
I envy Greg. To just get up and leave. Nothing, nobody to tie him down. Now that is a free spirit. See ya later!
Change can be frightening. A new job. New people to figure out . Oh you live where? I don’t know where I will end up. There is allot of change coming.
There is something magical about riding around with all your possessions in your car. Homeless (technically) ever since I signed over everything to the boys. Things never worked out like I thought but many things did. The most important things anyway. My boys have warmth, shelter, food and a reasonable amount of security. To me that is all that matters. That is the selfish part of you that DIES when you hold your own flesh and blood in your arms.
The first time you try anything in life you are usually scared. But afterwards you say, Hell that wasnt so bad, now was it?
Actually it turns out to be just another loop in the rollercoaster.
Scary. Exhilarating. Unexpected.
And pretty damn cool.

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from the shores of iwo Jima….Entry for March 19, 2009

On the side of the (cliff) couch
Jim McSherry and i played little army
the green plastic kind frozen
expressions loaded
macHINe gUns
tanks not to scale

we played with our vivid imagination
in the tv newsglow of the vietnam news
103 dead will be shipped home this week a jump from 72
just last week
InspiRed by the army movies his DaD sat down to watch
the rabbit ears covered in tinfoil
constantly moved to get better reception
so hard to get them to stand up
on the carpet battlefield
the music from the MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE
always made me cry


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children with guns…..Entry for March 17, 2009

children with guns have given us hope
that we can surrender to God just by crossing the street
that we can kiss our children off to school
one last time on the porch

the white sheet I cover you with
is death not goodnight
and it is better that you dream now forever
then to wake up again in this world
in your police taped crib in your classroom
and this earth overflowing with


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Brother Gregory…..Entry for March 3, 2009

Is very ill once again in a hospital a couple of hours away from Bonnie.
Please keep him our thoughts and prayers.
Rays of healing karama !

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send me an angel…..Entry for February 24, 2009

Here I sit and wish she was here some times it feels like a bad dream where is she why dont she call me!!! you know why because this whole world is cold and empy because maybe I have been cold and empty and im sorry Brenda i miss you so dammmmm much. I could use an angel here toninte, where am i suppose to go my only home i know was in your soul. brenda send me an angel because i could use one here tonite!! I Miss YOU SISTER SO MUCH Your are my heart and your my soul and im having a hard time living with out you sis! Its Becka I love but its you I cant live with out! Brenda send me an angel I miss you sooooooo much!!
your sad bady sister bon bon

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Entry for February 20, 2009

How do we reverse Americas suicidal consumers binge? Will this new depression (as I am calling it) change the American way of life forever? I hate Geico, McDonalds and all those companies shoving their product up our you know whats. WE ARE USING too much energy. THERE is severe climate change happening. There is an epidemic of mood disorders, anxiety attacks, depression–we are in a NEVER ENDING war against terrorism—all of this partly because there is such a HUGE gap between the rich and the poor people of the world. WHY do they spend 500 BILLION a year to ask to consume more?

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