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the last time i saw you

The last time I saw JoAnn she was kicking me out of their current home. I just wanted to take a piss. The last time I saw Lowri, she was getting married and her father left her a ton of money. The last time I saw Suzy we were hugging on her front porch on a windy day in late October and she was chasing her Halloween decorations which were blowing all over the neighborhood. I miss her the most. The last time I saw Erin she had come back from Colorado forever but was storming out of the bookstore because I am a jerk. The last time I saw Debbie we were snowed in her country home over and beyond the other side of Jersey. The last time I saw Tammy, she said her new boyfriend was an old friend from high school and had a BIG pickup truck. The last time I saw Marielle she was driving her pickup away from me on a lonely road somewhere in a fishing town upstate NY. (she just gave me a baby tree from the back of the truck) The last time I saw Jill, she gave me two Christmas presents early (a Giants tree ornament and underwear) as I was leaving the the early sunlit front door. The last time I saw Maggie, she told me I sing off cue and I needed a vacation. The last time I saw Sandra, she asked me to come back to her parents cabin by the lake. But I had to work. And that was it. I never saw her again.

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Do you know the Muffin Man ?

Sister Bernadette, and our late sister Brendas two beautiful children are coming to Jersey July 27. (Bernies Bday) Pork Roll, Pizza, Corn Hole will be available.
Hope to catch the Jersey Waves with the girls. Becca has never seen the ocean ! Hopefully a trip to NYC also and a trip to the top of the Rock. Looking forward. Peace.

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If the deers could talk……

and oh that magic feeling
no where to go.
Last week I met Cheryl from Craigs List at the Menlo Park Mall and she sold me a brand new (in the box) four man tent. (only 40 bucks!!) So, I have a place picked out. Deep in the woods. Actually it’s gonna be quite scary at night so yesterday I bought a Lantern for only five bucks (and a quart of kerosene oil !!) I need a tarp….and I wish I would have checked “Junk Day” here a little more carefully, I know I would have found one for free. My place is exclusive. High and dry and sort of “overlooking” with “natural” air conditioning and oh the smell of those woods and peat moss.
So fuck you economy and rising taxes and assholes who want to rent a room for 700 bucks. A ROOM! One room-single-and a utility bill–with shared bathroom and kitchen. Share this! LoL. So fuck you gas prices that go up ten cents in one day while the state looks the other way. So fuck you health insurance plans starting at 600 a month with insanely high deductibles and prescription co pays. So fuck the rising price of EVERYTHING. 60 bucks for three of us to go to a movie. 80 dollars to bowl for two hours. Fuck you New York Giants and your never ending Personal License Fee and your never ending over priced tickets and parking bullshit. Fuck you Parkway and Turnpike Poll. Fuck you 28 dollars for a half a bag of groceries. FUCK YOU !!!!
Do you think you could fit everything you own in a 5’x5′ steel hole in the wall? They say, the less you have, the less you have to worry about.
Recently, I have been called “weird” I think the reason why that “hurt” me was because I had done everything in my human means to be nice to this person. Not only was I stepped on but ignored and probably ridiculed. Being weird in these times is a compliment. My imagination pulls me through. My faith is strong. But most of all:
I am trying to trick myself, to trick my mind into being weirder, because I actually like things to be weird.

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