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Recalculating !

My greatest image of mom, was of her sitting at our extra large custom-made kitchen table and writing letters. She wrote thousands of letters. One day as a young boy she took me around the block to the nearest mailbox and “taught” me how to mail a letter. Those blue mail boxes had those awkward steel “tamper-thief-proof” flaps that screeched when you opened them.
“Always, always double check, to make sure that the letter has gone down. Open the door again to see.”
I had now become her mail-boy, so I really knew that she was a letter writing MACHINE.
Sure enough, one time, I opened the flap and someone elses mail was STILL sitting on the flap!
The dumb bastards didn’t have a smart enough mother to teach them how to properly mail a letter.

If mom were still here and healthy, she would have loved the digital world we live in now. She just missed eMails and the whole world being connected to a computer.
She would have loved Facebook and chatting and that you could “instantly” see photos or videos of your children or grandchildren.

MORE TECHNOLOGY UPDATES: Someone loaned me a navigator. I am simply and beyond belief amazed. Where has this thing been my whole life. I have been described by all my friends, family and children as being “directionally retarded”. I have lived in New Jersey my whole life and I just don’t get it. I’m lost everywhere I turn.
BUT NOW, I have this sexy voiced woman (I call her “Rosy, because she sounds like that maid on the Jetsons) telling me where and when to turn. I have been going up and down New York and Jersey the past few months and now, because of Rosy, I have no fear. I have saved gas. I have discovered new quicker routes. And I have fallen in love with this intelligent, sexy “woman” that sits on my dashboard.

If I had a navigator FOR LIVING LIFE, I wonder……would it take me the long route? Would it help me avoid “DETOURS”?
“Don’t take this job, George, you’re gonna regret it!”
“Look out for this one, George, she’s just using you.”
“Recalculating!”"Always make sure the letter drops......"

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impossible is just an opinion

Everyone survives something. Some survive horrific car crashes other just simply make through a dull day. It is all the same. It’s all univeral. Now the pumpkins are growing and some trees are hinting their demise. For me, the end of Summer can be very depressing. I have battled depression my whole life but recent technology has given me back my sanity. What did people in covered wagens do without Prozac, cellphones and digital cameras?
Once I was in a museum with a digital camera from Lucent Technologies. They were very rare back then. It used a “floppy disk” to store images. If you wanted more than 12 images then you needed more “floppy disks” This was in January 1999, a little over 10 years ago. Not very long ago when you think of it. The woman that I was with had a cell phone. Another very rare entity in 1999. We could have been aliens walking through that museum with such high tech gadgets. I asked a couple to take our photo with this alien-looking camera and he was in complete awe at this strange device. “A digital camera?” he asked. Last week during the Giants opening kickoff to a new season I couldn’t believe at how many hundreds if not THOUSANDS of flashes were going off during the game. Everyone has access to a digital camera, cell phone, camera or both at all times now. I know I am beating a dead horse on this blog with my amazement at technology but I have a feeling in my gut that it is all wrong. This isn’t the way it is supposed to be. We are supposed to pick our apples and bake a pie with our hands not buy it frozen at Sams Club. There are cameras in every corner watching our every move. George Orwell was right on track just a few years short.

I don’t know where I am anymore or how I got there. Last evening an amazing neon dusk at the end of Summer and I was on top of Bear Mountain in a tower watching it. Look at the sun, sinking like a ship! There was a few gay couples there with us and about 20 Corvettes from a car show were in the parking lot rev-ing their engines. Hot chicks and mirrored sunglasses. Later at “Gilligans” seafood restaurant I had the scallops in wine and garlic sauce that blew me away. The walls were hand painted with tropical scenes. I ordered my blackened tuna “raw” but the waiter corrected me and told me that medium rare would be more tasty. Of corse he was right.

The next morning I woke up on the floor of my new job. Sure they gave me a key, but they didn’t expect me to use my office as a home. (it was so damn cold, I didn’t even wanna try my car) BUT I was busted, the owner came in early and caught me on the floor snoozing. That same night I had a dream that I was in the same room with my father. I haven’t seen him in 38 years. But here he was. Stern and unemotional as usual. He called me over and got real close to me. He said something in a whisper that I didn’t understand and then he kissed me.
When I woke up my cheek was wet. The dream seemed so real but I wasn’t sure if it was a kiss or dribble.
All day at my new job my boss was upset that I had used the office as a bed. Was I some kind of homeless vagabond? Yes.
I have been designing window graphics, logos, and posters the past week and I have amazed them with my speed, creativity and client sensitivity. New City is a very rich town and it seems like everyone knows everybody here. They come into the shop and hang out. The boss has a quick-ass coffee machine and beers in the fridge. This thick New York Jewish accent is killing my ears. Everyone drives a BMW and I feel like an outcast. Frank the Irish retired Manhattan detective and part owner is the only one who understands me.

I answered an ad in Craigslist for a ground floor start-up company from the UK. They were looking for a prepress man with managerial skills. The next day I did get a call and arranged to meet Tim somewhere in the depths of North Jersey at a six star Hilton bar called “Splash”

Digital doodle number 34 (selPortrait)

Digital doodle number 34 (selPortrait)

It was quite an interview because he was very talented at letting me do most/all of the talking. I enjoyed his accent as I am sure he enjoyed mine. He scribbled some plans on a piece of paper and showed me where the large format inkjets are going to go, where the offices will be, where the Mac computers and where the warehouse will be staged in some empty building “not too far from here” I gave it my best shot because it sounds really challenging to start fresh in a new company with a product that could really sell.
The next day he called me and hired me. Now I have two jobs and two websites, and a huge wall mural design to work on freelance. Be careful waht you wish for, you just might get it, chap. Cheers!!


YOUR existence gives me hope

“I deeply believe in one’s own positive will to overcome even the most daunty challenges.”
-Farrah Faucett
coming soon
Stories Of Gods and Heroes
The end of Bees
Tragic happiness
It is best to be OFF with the old love before you are on with the new. (old Scottish song)
“Off with the old and on with the new”
“You cannot make an omelette without breaking the eggs.”
“There is nothing so good as the inside of a man, then the outside of a horse.”
(there is something about the outside of a horse that does the inside of a man good)

“Fortune favors fools.”- 1546

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Rags to Riches

I was sleeping in my car one night and one night later I was sleeping in a two million dollar mansion in Rockland county NY. If I only stayed there a week “house sitting” (yes, that is a real job) I got a really good taste of how the other side lives.
I also broke my streak of 12 weeks without any television when I suddenly found myself with a remote control and access to over 400 channels. I was certainly OVERwhelmed. Dear God, help me stop circling the channels. Over and over. I couldn’t find one thing to watch!! One thing was better then the next! There was all kinds of movies, violence, sex and drama with a capital D. I ended up on a nature channel out of pure desperation for sanity. I watched ants for two hours mating and building and fighting and dying for their queen. Pretty damn awesome.
It can be funny, how one week, I am wondering if I will ever work again and suddenly, I am up to my neck in opportunities. I have several freelance design jobs, two interviews and a job offer that I really want to take.
This week I was back in New York City to my DELIGHT. I was asked to “help out” for the week at my old job ADG. It was just an awesome experience to sit down to familiar faces, jobs, boss’ and the wonderful streets and crazy people of NYC. I felt like I was home again and really think that maybe they may love me enough to bring me back. Damn economy.
Where are you Linda? I think you were a dream. Maybe just an angel to talk to me when I was so down. Maybe my words helped you? Your intelligence and keen instinct thrilled me. A great parent, a lover of dogs and nature. Sparkling eyes. That midwest accent. You have a right to hate New Jersey. It is a mean, cruel road raging place. Have you crawled into the fields of the working class without saying goodbye to me. There is a great passion in you, you know that, right? Maybe one day it will be unleashed.

One time I was in a dark theater and the Grateful Dead were up on the stage and everything seemed to make no sense. Reality was slipping away and I didn’t like it. There was so much sound coming out at me, in all directions, bouncing all over and they were on stage, just fucking standing there!! I didn’t get it. Where was all this sound coming from. I mean, I could see the drummers moving but these dark statues jamming in the deep blue spacey lights were really wigging me out. I looked around me for support and Grant my brother was long gone, but Gary,(the best man at my wedding) my other Deadhead brother was there next to me. Smiling. He understood. He knew what was going on. I reconnected with him and was home again.

James Gill and his girlfriend, Tammy
will be in New Jersey the third week of October.
James Gill (always a HUGE lover of sports esp football) and I will be attending the Giants home game versus the defending National league champion Arizona Cardinals.
I have a special tailgate planned.
We also plan to visit his fathers grave in Westfield.
Thank you very much Tammy for making this work.

GLENN HARTMAN Jr. has packed a bag, bought a one way bus ticket to northern California and is GONE! Apparently he will be living on “Free Land for Free People”
I am trying to get the web address of this place to share it with everyone. It sounds…..well, I don’t know. It sounds like a place where a young man can maybe find his lost path.
Let us all say a prayer for Glennie!

Let us all continue to send great karma of peace, love and healing to our brothers Gregory, in the hospital, Clewiston Florida and Big Glenn, who is in a nursing home in Ohio (Kentucky?) He has lost the ability to walk and his kidneys are failing.
We love you Glenn.
We love you Gregory.
Good luck lil Glenn.

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