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October 25 2009 Giants, New York, Westfield Tammy and Jim

Can you see us from up there???

Can you see us from up there???

Jim Gill and his girlfriend Tammy arrived early Saturday morning and were gone before I could even blink an eye.
Rocking out at Rocking Joes Cafe.

Rocking out at Rocking Joes Cafe.

Jim looked great, having just lost 60 lbs and Tammy was a real sweetheart. Hopefully we will ALL get together with them soon. Our travels to Austin Street in Westfield (where his Dad, “Brother” and our Mom grew up) and the cemetery for Jims first visit to his fathers grave in over 15 years. I enjoyed their stories of being a couple together, their hardships, their experiences of being parents, their travels to Scotland, their cruise over the Summer, and our exchanging of “family rumors” from the deep (sometimes dark) past of Gill/Hartman history.
Happy Family?

Happy Family?

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One bright Fall day in Rosendale NY

One day in Rosendale NY

Bob (left) a mushroom harvester and Chris (right) steel drum player/human puppet

In my exploratory discoveries of upstate New York, yet another quaint little town shown to me by Golden Bear. We found Bob in a parking lot when a blue herring suddenly and gracefully flew across the sky. We all stood in awe and my first impression of Bob was ripped and thrown away when only he was able to identify the bird immediately. When I noticed his Florida license plates, I felt drawn to him and soon found a wonderful man with a wonderful story.
He was once well over 300 pounds when he met a woman, who taught him how to cook and eat organically.
He also went to a 6 month spiritual retreat with her and together they became interested in healthy eating and cooking. He took a course in Mushroom harvesting and comes up here to NY to identify and harvest. He goes town to town to sell his “schrooms” to local restaurants. Some can fetch quite a pretty penny per pound.

Chris was sitting on his chair playing a small steel drum instrument that he had invented himself. The sound that came from his fingers against the drums was heavenly and mesmerizing as the town people just walked about doing their thing. Chris was surrounded by an open garage filled with hand-made masks, robes, banners and the smell of paint. The banner across the top advertised for a “puppet show 4:00 PM” something I just couldn’t (and glad I didn’t) miss.

Halloween comes early in Rosendale

Halloween comes early in Rosendale

You can’t beat entertainment that includes most of the children from the audience and live music provided by the locals. Community comes into your heart like a great wind, knocking down barriers of prejudice and fear. The show made me want to sing, chant and dance along and I would have if that by doing that I would have blocked others view and been too rude.
This makeshift stage, (garage) hand-painted scenery and stories probably written that day was one of the simplest joys I had experienced in a very long time.

An exciting way to activate your intuition is through wonder!

An exciting way to activate your intuition is through wonder!

Another nice find, The Rosedale Cafe, full of locals and good food (and free WiFi ! LoL) is a great place to visit among all the history and restored buildings.

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Peanut butter and jelly on toast

James Gill and girlfriend Tammy are coming to New Jersey

James Gill and girlfriend Tammy are coming to New Jersey

As I look forward to our meeting once again, I have thought about all that has gone on with everyone since 1970ish.

My memories of ‘The Mighty Ten’ and during our visits, The Mighty Thirteen, are nothing but good memories.
The pool (that 20 minute rule after eating has turned out to be BS by the way), the football, the wonderful bagels after church (where did we get those?), the peanut butter and jelly toast that Dad so patiently made for everyone on Sunday after church, ‘Hands Across The Water’, Jolly Ranchers from some store
in Carteret, the drive of ‘never-ending excitement’ from Ohio to New Jersey, the Pennsylvania tunnels, Legos (have you seen Legos recently – a little more than what they used to be, eh?), Johnny Cash, Jimmy McSherry, Kenny Gidder, the house that must have been huge but seemed so much a ‘home’ with everyone there – there always seemed to be enough room even with 13 of us…everything so fresh in my mind and so positive.

From that last visit to my upcoming visit, so much has changed. From alcohol to sobriety, freedom to jail, life to death, happiness to sadness, love to hate…so much changed except for one thing; my memories of our visits to see my 10 cousins.

Maybe it is a good thing that I lost touch? I don’t know George but I do know I’m looking forward to a new good memory.

See you soon and feel free to post this on The Mighty Ten site.
(I will certainly get Tammy back for the ‘GhostBuster’ picture…or is that the Big Black Penis picture?)

Remember to stay happy and positive and not to take life too seriously.


James F. Gill
Superior Search Group

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October 6, 2034

It seemed like every ordinary day in New Jersey. I was guiding my “car” (some phrases or words never change with time) past the empty telephone poles. I remembered the old days and laughed. I was so excited the first time I used a navigator in my car, “Wow, big technology !!”
Now twenty years after the last Beetle died in a plane crash, I press a button and the car not only navigates but steers and accelerates for me too.
Meanwhile, I’m talking to Wolfgang, my third grandchild on a chip embedded in my skull.

“Fucking Bastards!” I yell as I pull into the Sun Stop. Just because we had a week of rain they raise the price of solar energy 13 cents!

They finally abolished the “Can’t pump your own “gas” in New Jersey law” last year. So I get out of my Toyota Sun Spot 630 G and scan my fingerprint to clear my credit and begin charging my car.
There are solar panels fucking everywhere you look and I look at my reflection in the stainless steel solar pump. “Not bad for 74 years old.” While most people decided to get face lifts and hair transplants, I thought I’d grow old gracefully like any normal hippie would!

I gave my grandson, Wolfie and his girlfriend, tickets to last Sundays NY Giants vs London Fog home game and he drank too much and got into a brawl with a Brit during a late fourth quarter drive. Security grabbed him, his girlfriend and MY season ticket scan card and now I may lose the season tickets that my father and I have held since 1962. I will be begging for compassion again.
With Forty-five years sobriety, I have lost patience with my son Joshuas kids DRAMA. First Kirk wrecks the car, now this! “What the fuck?” Has anybody in this family learned anything about drinking and driving, let alone drinking???? First of all, how do you wreck a car that you don’t even really drive???

My car glides out of the Sun Stop and it quickly accelerates to 95 mph. I point my finger at the TV and start watching the news. It’s funny, I didn’t have to take a pee when I stopped, that artificial prostate fucking rocks. (Damn that expression is SO 2000 ! ) A voice in the car reminds me that I have an artery cleaning tomorrow and a teeth cleaning on Friday. Shit never ends!

I drive into a another spectacular sunset. A neondusk! Ever since that nuclear meltdown in the Middle East five years ago, the sunsets have been spectacular.

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