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through the eyes of God

Gratitude is attitude

Gratitude is attitude

The Holidays
My son Jonathan marched and played in a parade on November 1. (All Saints Day)
“What was this parade for?” I asked
“Not sure dad, but there were dancing skeletons, a giant turkey, and Santa Claus. So perhaps this consolidated little parade of freaks explains this time of the year to me. While I am shopping for the half price Halloween candy, I am surrounded by Thanksgiving decorations and Christmas music is playing in the background. But really, since when has Halloween become this super mega store holiday? Halloween lights on houses? My new boss has lived in the United Kingdom his whole life, and his amusement of America, that he often shares with me, really opens my eyes to our absurb obsession with the Holidays. No wonder so many people get depressed this time of year. They don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK, and rightly so, “but why is it a two day holiday?”
YES, I finally did see “Thanksgiving Lights” on houses this year. This is why April Fools is my favorite holiday. It’s simple, fun and most times it is very surprising.

Golden Bear
After my nine and a half mile walk. I had plenty of time to think. I am tired and my feet really hurt.

You really loved roasted peppers. I still can’t believe that you got married!

James Gill
It was stranger than what I could have ever imagined. One day we were playing in the pool on a hot Summer day in July and the next thing you know we are sitting next to each other at a Giant game on Sunday nite.
The gap was too large. The time warp too deep. Facebook is dangerous. We had both missed too much. Growing up. Becoming men. Getting married. being fathers. I wasn’t sure who we were….even after the cheering started. Life is just too damn fast. Too damn strange but that’s what I love about it.

Black and White TV’s
They don’t make them anymore but they should.

On Freshly Painted Walls That You Have Access to
Use your imagination.

Five Steps Forward and Four Steps back
You can get almost anything philosophical about life from a teams football season.

Why We Crave Old Things
I am not sure what it is about me. Do I have a sign on my head that says; “Scream and Yell at me. Trample me. Treat me with no patience or compassion.” Old things get yellow and rust and that is cool.

Start Up Companies
There is perhaps nothing more exciting, daring, and frightening in the business world. The last two months have absolutely thrilled me. Watching an empty building evolve into a vibrant production center. A clash of cultures. The sweet smell of fresh pine wood. The endless rolls of fresh canvas. The whirl of inkjets lined up. The digital downloads from every corner of “the states” The challenge to make the customer get wow’ed. Prepress, Mac, Photoshop miracles and problem solving that goes on forever. MOST of all; a product that is yearned for by the public.
In this deadlined based industry every moment counts but take the time to enjoy the fascination photography and art.

Sunsets In Upstate NY
“Going down the road, feelin’ bad
Going down the road feelin’ bad
Don’t wanna be treated this old way.”

You may think I am creepy but I like walking through very old cemataries.

How Do EXIT Signs Stay On After A Blackout?
When I was growing up I liked to watch “The Honeymooners” on my black and white tv in my bedroom every day at 11pm. The Honeymooners were filmed in Black and White anyway, so it didnt matter. The show was recorded in front of a real audience. Sometimes in between Jackie Gleasons lines, you could hear people in the audience coughing or shuffling around. Probably almost all of the actors actresses and people in the audience are dead now.

Sex For Dummies
I had a serious crush on Jackie Gleasons wife, Audrey Meadows.

what a woman!

what a woman!

I never understood how a woman so beautiful could live under such a physically unappealing circumstances. Not only that but she was severely verbally abused and physically threatened.

Woman In Dresses
There is something very sexy, beautiful and graceful. Poetic.

Bad Manners
Try not to pick your nose while you are waiting at a red light. You may not believe it but, someone is always watching you.

The Theory Of “Where Does Life Take You Now”
One day, you could be standing in a parking lot leaning into the warmth of a yellow sunbeam Seconds later you could be stripped of your money, camera and ride home.00383f5bff1630b8 Things happen so quickly you would never believe it. Never think twice about the nine and one half mile hike ahead of you. It will mostly be uphill. The sun will sink quickly because the days are getting so short. You might regret turning down a ride but whem you get to your destination it will really be worth it!

Through The Eyes Of God
Look at the world like everyday is Thanksgiving. Be nice to people. Some people have it really rough and yet they are happy and grateful. We should learn from them. God is watching us all.

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