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Digging up the DNA

Westfield NJ

Twice I asked two people who were “around” when Grandma May Gill very suddenly died of a heart attack back in 1959 whether they thought Fredrick Gill, her husband had poisoned and killed her. The first person was aunt Carol, the daughter of Grandpa Gill and May Gill. She was actually in the house when her mother had passed away. Carol’s reaction to my question, “Did your father kill your mother?” was as if she had just heard the funniest joke in the world, Yet, human nature seeks drama and disaster and I wrote that my grandfather was a murderer. Yeah sure it was harmless, (or so I think/thought) everyone that was involved with it or knew of it had passed away many years ago. There was one comment though, on the post, and I was never really sure who typed it, (Jim Gill??) “I can’t believe you wrote this..” sorta thing.
I thought about this. And then I thought about it again. And then one day a few weeks ago, I spoke with my long lost Aunt Gerry on the phone and kinda mentioned the “mysterious” death of my Grandma Gill. “What are you crazy? There was NOTHING mysterious about her death at all!” Even though she was from “the other side of the family” she told me she knew the facts. “Your Grandpa Gill never murdered anyone!”
After I heard the convincing tone of her voice and remembered and saw the expression on Aunt Carols face, I knew I was MISGUIDED by someone and wrong. I was wrong. It wasn’t true. I apologize. Rest in peace, Grandpa Gill.

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