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Please, not another post about the end of the world!

Yes, I know, I know, move on George! If it comes it comes but last year the end of the world was predicted and it was all over the news if anybody remembers: (from Wikapedia)
The 2011 end times prediction made by American Christian radio host Harold Camping stated that the Rapture and Judgment Day would take place on May 21, 2011,[1][2] and that the end of the world would take place five months later on October 21, 2011.[3] The Rapture, in a specific tradition of premillennial theology, is the taking up into heaven of God’s elect people. Camping, then president of the Family Radio Christian network, claimed the Bible as his source and said May 21 would be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment “beyond the shadow of a doubt”.[4] Camping suggested that it would occur at 6 p.m. local time, with the rapture sweeping the globe time zone by time zone,[5][6] while some of his supporters claimed that around 200 million people (approximately 3% of the world’s population) would be ‘raptured’.

So yeah a bunch of garbage right? The world is still spinning round and round but was anyone paying attention at 6PM on May 21, 2011? You see, a fool like me was. I was driving through Plainfield NJ on my way to my postal box in Scotch Plains NJ and I was fully aware that it was after 6PM and it was May 21, 2011. Down this main street of what many would consider the inner-city of a typical New Jersey city.
What I first saw was the day laborers standing in lines on the sides of the streets, a typical sight actually until they all at once began looking up at the sky and some of them pointing.
Before I could turn my car around or stop to see what they were looking at, a HUGE gust of wind came out of no where and was blowing garbage and dust across the street!
Suddenly it got real dark and the wind increased to an almost gale! At this point I looked in my rear view mirror and really couldn’t believe what I saw, it was almost total darkness. Yeah, the weather is unpredictable in May and for the most part it was a pretty Spring day. I remember that because I will never ever forget this day!
I stopped my car and got out and as the wind and dirt whipped my face, I went to my backpack and pulled out my point and shoot camera that I always have on me.
What I saw will never be fully captured digitally as once again as it always is in real life: You Just HAD to be THERE! It was a huge black mass of clouds traveling at a ridicules speed. I really just couldn’t believe what I was witnessing and the knot in my stomach being totally unable to swallow was something that I will never ever forget.

Saturday May 21, 2011 6:35 PM Plainfield NJ

I guess my first thoughts were like “wow, that bastard was right” and I looked around at all the Spanish people that were witnessing the end of the world with me and they were smiling and still pointing. Maybe they were think “wow that bastard was right”, too.

If you pull up the Information on this photo, here is proof of the time (my camera was mistakenly set on AM) and date that it was taken along with the model of my camera.

– What happened after this is pretty obvious. The world didn’t end. The day laborers went home to eat and the big sweeping “rapture cloud” went away. I think that maybe I was a little disappointed, went back in my car and drove away in slight dismay. When I opened this photo, I was very disappointed and that maybe I should have taken a movie. It surely would have been more dramatic with the sound of the wind and maybe some baffled Spanish faces looking up at the sky. The next day I tried to tell a few people but just got a few rolling eyes. The photo got lost in my endless layers of digital mayhem but I had to dig it out for this.
SOMETHING did happen that day and it was more then a freak rainstorm. I searched all the local news for anything saying ANYTHING about the 8 minuets or so that me and 10 Spanish men witnessed that day. Nothing. So this event just got lost in my memory until now. Nobody would listen and nobody cared.Because I do believe in magic, the afterlife, angels, God and maybe even a little bit of rapture. Amen!

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“A Mask of Myself” the Rotten Tomato Interview

Blah blah blah blah.....

Interviewer: So are you comfortable?
N.Dusk: What? What? With my life? In this chair? Is this the first question? What?
Interviewer: In that chair.
N.Dusk: Oh, yeah sure. That light is kinda in my eyes.
Interviewer: Oh sure sorry. There is that better?
N.Dusk: Can we just turn it off and light a couple of candles maybe?
Interviewer: This is an interview not a romantic encounter.
N.Dusk: I know. I know. But I need to be in the right mood to say the right know...I..oh forget it.
Interviewer: Uh, I will. what happened to "A Mask of Myself"?
N.Dusk: Oh what a flop. It never had a chance.
Interviewer: Even with the Facebook exposure?
N.Dusk: Exposure? Ha ha ha. It had nothing to do with anything but being a very bad movie. Besides that I'm pretty clueless with marketing and YouTube has changed dramatically in the last few years.
Interviewer: How so?
N.Dusk: Well, first of all, it used to all the shit and now it's just not even half of that.
Interviewer: Because of Facebook?
N.Dusk: Not just FB but Tweeter, Tumbler etc etc. YouTube has just become a link to social networking, it's not really what it used to be. It's all about proper marketing though. Everybody wants their stuff to get a million hits and ultimately....

Interviewer: GO VIRAL!
N.Dusk: Right. And the chances of that are like hitting the lottery.
Interviewer: So what was the inspiration for "A Mask of Myself"?
N.Dusk: Well I kinda mentioned that in the closing credits. It just started as a small spark. Glancing at a photo in an art magazine. Simple right? But my mind carried that photo away to another imaginative world and it went away for awhile but the spark never went out. I just kept thinking about that photo, how cool it was and what I could do with it.
Interviewer: What was the photo of?
N.Dusk: It was a photo of a man in front of a wall full on TV monitors.
Interviewer: That's a pretty significant part of your movie.
N.Dusk: Well originally I thought the photo was sooo cool that I was just gonna steal the idea for my FB profile photo. Then while I was working on it, I thought about the whole profile photo idea, how important it is, how people worship themselves. I ended up doing a huge web research project on social networking as a whole. I started watching profile photos. Some people change them all the time, like me, and others can change every few months. I even had one friend for three years that NEVER changed it once!
Interviewer: Fascinating
N.Dusk: It really was to me. It becomes an exercise in "self-discipline" ... for me anyway. As usual I over analyzed the entire situation and broke it down into ridiculous layers of ego and self worth.
Interviewer: So you like to "over analyze" ?
N.Dusk: Yes. That's one of my problems....well, I guess it's not a problem really. It can be good. I can say that I'm "deep" but most of my friends interpret it as me being an "over sensitive idiot with poetic eyes... delicate even."
Interviewer: What else are you?
N.Dusk: Weird as hell.
Interviewer: What do you mean by that?
N.Dusk: For as long as I can remember, I have a taste for the ordinarily weird. Things that are right in front of me. Life is a series of weird moments. One weird photograph after another. One moment I can be in a room with the strangest combination of people making the strangest combination of statements to each other and twenty seconds later I will driving down a wooded highway alone, watching an amazing sunset through my windshield.
Interviewer: Wow.
N.Dusk: Are you being sarcastic?
Interviewer: What do you think?
N.Dusk: That's exactly my point! You and 99% of the globe just don't get it. You just take advantage of lifes everyday moments.
Interviewer: That's not ordinarily weird it's ridiculously deep.
N.Dusk: If you stop and watch what happens to you during the course of a day, you may be amazed.
Interviewer: Yawn. Ok, so, back to the movie. How do you rate it against all your other weird movies?
N.Dusk: This was actually the only movie I made that had some sort of plot or even a plan.
Interviewer: Is that why it failed?
N.Dusk: Miserably.
Interviewer: So, why did it take you so long to complete?
N.Dusk: Well first of all, it wasn't easy. The movie is like 90 percent stop-action and that's a lot of work.... secondly, I have no real free time. I love being creative and being in front of the monitor at work 10 to 12 hours a day takes it's toll.....on my time and my creativity. I just HAD to do a project before the blizzard of work that comes Christmas time.
Interviewer: What is your fascination with animation?
N.Dusk: Ever since I was a little kid, I've been fascinated by animation.
Interviewer: Hanna-Barbera ?
N.Dusk: Ha ha....well, yes, of course, and the roughness of Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse. But really, I started doing flip movies in books at a very early age. Now there is stop action at it's rawest form. In the early days of the digital era I found Power Point.
Interviewer: Not really a great animation tool.
N.Dusk: No but with alot of thought and work it could be AND you can tell a story. But even bigger than can add another huge element.......SOUND ! And by trial and error and many great "accidents" I was able to put some cool things together.
Interviewer: What's next?
N.Dusk: After this movie, I need to get back into something totally unpredictable and spontaneous like I have done in the past. Starting from scratch with no plot, few ideas and some clips of cool music.
Interviewer: If you had super powers what would they be?
N.Dusk: Oh in time for sure!!!
Interviewer: Favorite software besides Photoshop?
N.Dusk: iMovie
Interviewer: Greatest single influence?
N.Dusk: Vonnegut
Interviewer: Favorite song?
N.Dusk: Norwegian Wood
Interviewer: Comfort food?
N.Dusk: Currently? Olives stuffed with garlic from the ShopRite salad bar.


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Day 9 -The End of the World

December 2011:
If I was in a coma, I’m all better now. Through out all the blackness of the dream there was no hope and no escape. I knew I would emerge and Christmas would be waiting. When you are buried alive in work and you can’t escape, it is worse then a windowless jail cell.
She is very good at hiding her love.
Why I’m a bad fan:
I gave up on this team a long time ago. Even after their miracle of 2007/08 and even after knowing football for over forty years. So much can happen…quickly. The philosophy of a football season is totally unpredictable , even more then life itself. I gave up on this team so many times and never give them hope. I am a bad fan. (I think it is all because I don’t want to get hurt)
Getting Hurt
Fear and I have been walking hand in hand along the beach my whole life. It is so romantic and sexy. I just never want to let go.
When I see people at the Giants games, so drunk, so stupid, that they probably won’t remember anything, I say to myself; “That should be me. By the grace of God, there I go.”
I don’t miss drinking, I don’t crave it. I don’t hate people that drink, I have no desire to drink. The dreams, (like that work coma) have gone away a very long time ago. Once I was sitting/standing in a bar with Kryha in Hoboken, New Jersey. She had one beer. She had so so much fun and I envied her a little. Everyone else was having fun and drinking. A great fear (my beach walking friend) came over me for about two seconds that I was missing out on living life and that I was gonna die soon. Then I realized that if I didn’t stop drinking 8,089 days ago…..I would already be dead. I can guarantee that.
A place where Fear never goes. (he is on the beach) I feel safe there.
The end of the world
If (when) Iran gets a nuclear weapon, it will be the start. When the globe begins to get micro-waved, I pray that I am in church when it happens. They say the world is supposed to end this year. I don’t think it will. It is supposed to come like e thief in the night….so maybe next year.

My son Jonathan and I at the first playoff game at the new stadium. The crowd was crazy. Sometimes I feel so far away from Johnny. I love him so much. This was a great day. A day to always remember.