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A start for Gill Tree

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This is an extremely rough version, at least a small beginning of a Gill tree. I want to thank Cheryl, a friend of mine for digging in unexpectedly and doing this.
Yeah there are missing last names and somebody named Caroline that was probably who our aunt Carol was named after?
Hartman-Gill Family Tree
Above is the workable link that I am going to transfer soon. You may need a {free) account to view. The starting point is me because she knows me. Again, this is a very rough draft and I’m putting it here in the blog with a lot of searchable tag words to hopefully attract some curious Gill tree seekers. (like the one who disappeared.) We need help on this and ……. time.
Also: I have added her emails to me in the comments.


America Today July 4, 2016

The Wild West
At home and abroad, the world has grown less safe. Simply put, America is full of fear.

Whether fueled by sexism, racism, or linked to radical Islam, simple things like going to a church or dancing at a club are not so simple anymore.

I’m not a very political person and this blog is the furthest thing from that (although I did run for president on this blog eight years ago). I am one who has not become desensitized by the next mass shooting. I am a very sensitive person and when Kryha crawled into bed late last night and said, “5 police officers were killed” I just cringed and couldn’t sleep.” Now, my God we are killing the people that protect us. Because this is now what we have become. I can not view the news anymore it has come to that for me because my heart breaks for all the victims and their families. It. Just. Breaks.

Amid the current chaos global voices have emerged that are feeding off the fear of terrorism and migrates.
Tens of thousands of migrates are fleeing war-savaged Syria and are flooding Europe without any end in sight, and that helped the Brexit movement succeed in Britan. That same fear has helped Donald Trump to his current spot as presumed Republican presidential nominee.

America and I want to go back to a safer time. They want out of the global picture. They want their overseas jobs back. Yet little of this is possible no matter who is president.

But we should remain hopeful. Remember that against all odds back in July 1776, a couple of men got together and envisioned a great country. This is what we should continue to do.


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