Day Ten

I tried to do ten photos in ten days but it took me almost 11 weeks. Anyway this is a photo of my keys. Three years ago I only had three keys. The key to my car. The key to my locker at YMCA and the key to my storage unit where I kept a couple of boxes of “stuff” Now they are filled to keys to many doors. Alot can happen in three years.

My keys hold a Giants 2000 Super Bowl metal logo. This used to be on the keychain of our late aunt Geraldine Jones. The Giants were in the midst of a four game losing streak when I put it on. At seven wins and seven losses they were a real longshot to get into the playoffs. They ended up being the first 9-7 team to win the Superbowl. I like to think that only because of this keychain did the Giants win. But I also believe that the ghost of Geraldine Jones was in fact on the field and helped the Giants to recover one of their own fumbles.

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    HA HA YES!

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