GCH DREAM#489……………… Entry for July 3, 2007

I was sitting in a stainless steel waiting room filled with faceless people. Everyone was playing with their cell phones—the adult pacifiers of human tension. (im connected(ireally am) The only window was open with heavy flapping plastic curtains. Outside was endless dirt roads and orange trees. The sun was skipping behind white cotton clouds. Inter-continental planes flew dangerously low…almost like crop dusters. I was almost ready to climb out the window when…”Don’t go out there fool!”…a faceless bearded man said. I want to pick an orange. Stop the car Susan and pick an orange. “There are NO MORE oranges you dumb bastard. Haven’t you heard? All the bumble bees have gone away!” I climbed out there anyway and hung outside. My hands clinging to the window sill. My feet feeling for the ground. I closed my eyes tight and just let go. It seemed like I was falling forever when I realized that I was standing in a green field in front of my sons school. He was so tall he was able to look me straight in the eye(not many people can do that to me) I didn’t recognize his broad shoulders…..he looked so dapper in his suit. “Congratulations, son….you made it…..you are moving on.” I tried to put my arm around him but he wouldn’t let me…..maybe because of his friends. He turned and walked away….silently…..just walking away. And then I woke up.

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