Dear Carol, I meant to tell you how many people showed up to witness your love, your friendship, your helpfulness, your humor, your hugs. It wasnt later until I realized that you were the last elder. The last link into our deep past. That sitdown talk that we promised each other with your photo album will never happen.
You should see Bella, Maddy and Britt grow…it is an amazing experience. I am so happy that you got to at least meet Becky. But this is the cycle of life….birth and death.
I am so sorry to tell you carol that I feel so powerless. I need more help to fullfill the wishes in your will. Either I am afraid to ask for it or I feel shunned. I hate to tell you this but Earl doesnt look so good…as Gary as told me. He lost allot of weight. He hangs up on me when I call. His son has come into the picture yelling and demanding. I can’t find some of your money. When the ladies bring him food he gives it to the dogs. Apparently a crackhead moved in with him. Your computer, golfcart and maybe some other things are missing. We never found your rings. I’m sorry you didnt wear them for the final goodbye. Your bills are piling up and not being paid. I did get a lawyer to help with that. I am afraid that we are in danger of losing the house. I worry about your pine trees….the yard isnt being taking care of.
Your children werent talking, accusing, ignoring and greed set in…fighting….all the things you didnt want.
I am very sad as I write this because you gave me the honor and privelage of fullfilling your final unselfish wishes and I am failing.