The Trailer for my next movie.

2 Responses to “The Trailer for my next movie.”

  1. Gabbygill says:

    Love your vid clips dusk!!

  2. Butch says:

    Thanks bro. In the case of “lost clips III” the trailer is way better than the movie. I just can’t seem to get the crazy unpredictable thing that I desire. Not only that but it’s 8 min long. Way too long to keep anyone’s attention. But this trailer is a little over ONE MINUTE and it is beautiful. I’ve always LOVED the music from One Flee Over The Cuckoos Nest and this collage of my young kids fits PERFECT!
    Twenty years ago look at them! I’ll never forget that sun drenched dusk running around my old house with them.
    Where have they gone? Where is my beautiful house?
    This was so fun to make. I picked the blurriest, off cropped seconds and blended them together. The Jack Nicholson music = pure fucking genius of me if I don’t say so myself. My personal favorite of any movie I did.

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