YouTube banned and removed this movie in 2009. This is the new release. 2020.
Try to stay awake for the POST-CREDITS SCENE.

After three months of back and forth arguments YouTube decided that my use of The Beatles song "GoodNight" was against feverous copyright laws and they removed the video from my account.
Technically if I was "making money" with my upload then it was illegal. At the time of the removal the video had 17 views and had produced zero dollars income for me.

This clip was made a long time ago, shortly after Brenda's death. It was Jonathans birthday and we had found a back parking lot in an industrial section of Perth Amboy to launch Estes rockets.
After YouTube played Big Bully and Dumb Ass and stole my fucking video )before I could download it) I had lost the original edits and files that I used to make this.
10 years later I randomly came across a DVD in storage titled "Rascal Stuff"
I invited everyone who starred in this movie and everyone responsible for filming it to a huge RERELEASE PARTY on a yacht off the coast of Costa Rico, complete with barbequed pig, steamed lobsters and a live set by the Dave Mathews Band but nobody, including myself showed up.

My first upload attempt August 6 2020 was once again BLOCKED by YouTube because of the Beatles song. I surrendered. I cut out "GoodNight" and put in a clip from the movie Vanilla Sky, the infamous rooftop ending scene. Penélope Cruz and Tom Cruise meet in a lucid dream and say goodbye.
The song titled The Nothing Song (Njosnavelin)
by Orri P. Dyrason, Kjartan Sveinsson, Jon Thor Birgisson and Georg Holm
Performed by Sigur Rós.
The story revolves around the main character not knowing whether he's in a state of reality, a dream or a nightmare, so I really related to this movie. Actually I loved it but hid it from the person I saw it with who thought it was a total waste of time.
The song has haunted me ever since I saw the movie and told myself I would use it perfectly one day. Today was that day. Fuck you Beatles and Fuck you YouTube.