Initial filming began in Botany Village June 2020. There were two scenes that involved police investigations. The "Train scene" in which "The Running Dude" runs across the railroad tracks before a train came had the train engineer call the police. Also the entire "Beach scene" where The Running Dude emerges from beneath the ocean and runs across the beach had the lifeguards called because the beach was supposed to be closed.
These two scenes and all the drone footage ended up on the editing room floor in Mount Tabor.
The major costume malfunction of The Running Dudes pants sliding down at every run scene was reluctantly left in. Trying to hide that by speeding up the scene on Premiere Pro didn't work.
Technical diffficulties with Movavi Video Editor plus was fixed by setting up an external scratch disk for the long rendering times. (it crashed three times) A spec of dust on the GoPro at the Palisades hiking trail called for a total redo. (which involved over one hour each way traveling time)