Entry for December 19, 2008

Well, it is almost Christmas. It snowed today here in Jersey and that can really put you in the spirit. But then it rained and everything was cold, wet and slushy. Ice water dripped down my back while I was waiting for the bus and I wasn’t sure quite what it was at first so I just screamed. Several people looked at me in disgust. My favorite movie for Christmas spirit is “It’s A Wonderful Life” Not only is the central characters name George, but he ends up on a cold snowy bridge in desperate need of help. How many times do I need to go to this damn bridge in my life? I miss when I was a family. I really miss my house and gardens, chopping wood for the fireplace. I am grateful, though, for where I am now. Right now, it’s not a cold snowy bridge. That movie “A Christmas Story” seems to be getting more popular every year. I love that central character Ralphie. He always reminded me of someone and then finally this year I figured it out.

RALPHIE and Brother GARY

Santa and Uncle Rebel

A Reindeer and George
How did Mom and Dad do it? Ten kids. Yet in all our “Twenty Questions” we all list Christmas as our favorite memory. It was never about money or toys (ok, so maybe it was) but there was never anything more magical then all of us being together under that tree in the morning.

SPECIAL THANKYOU: After Dad died, Gene Kaufmann and Danny Braza among others were there for mom to help put the toys together and help with all the work that can associated with Christmas.



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  1. Administrator says:

    DATE: 12/31/2008 10:09:28
    ho ho ho merry christmas and happy new year i can,t beleave here it is another year gone i hope every body had a good christmas mine was good i was free high and not homeless thank god for bonnie paul and brittani and am very greatful. brittani is a joy of sunshine she makes my bad days good i know i am very lucky to have the famly i have. i just want to wish you all a happy new year. just do what ever it is that makes you happy WHAT EVER IT IS !!! just be happy! peace and love Glenn

  2. Administrator says:

    DATE: 01/02/2009 05:22:35
    Glenn DID IT ! Love you brother and thanks for the message on my cell…it made my day.

  3. Administrator says:

    DATE: 01/09/2009 13:23:05
    LOL,,,,,,,,,,,,I have not been here in a few weeks…I can’t stop laughing at tHe George …Reandeer pic……Thats funny shit!!
    Ann said on Christmas day when we were watching Christmas Story…….”Is that what you looked like when you were a kid?”……..smart ass!!
    I’m still laughing……….I guess because I cried when I seen Greg and Der pic.
    George, Your kids are getting so big!! and they are really white………need some FL sun!

  4. Administrator says:

    DATE: 01/14/2009 09:27:58
    george your vidoes are great i think your still having flash backs from your dead days you have great imaganation can,t wait for the next one Peace and love to all Glenn

  5. Administrator says:

    DATE: 12/05/2008 19:27:54
    I’ve learned that spite is a boomerang, even if it is never acted out. – age 46

    I’ve learned that no matter what line you get in, the other ones will move faster. – age 26

    I’ve learned that you can’t be a hero without taking chances. – age 43

    I’ve learned that getting fired can be the best thing that ever happens to you. -age 22

    I’ve learned that most of things I worry about never happen, -age 63

    I’ve learned that I am my childs most important teacher. – age 32

    I’ve learned that if I want the circumstances in my life to change for the better, I must change for the better. -age 55

    I’ve learned that in the dating world, women my age that have no children are from another planet. And it is not a very friendly one. That in my worse few weeks, insanity continues to reign but FAITH pops through like flowers in Spring. And I remember the swinging western doors of the McSherrys kitchen and Mr. McSherry was peeling potatoes in an undershirt and damn could that man peel. He used a knife too, not a peeler. He was in the Navy, World War II on a Destroyer, He told so many cool stories, while Bowser, a black dog walked around the living room.
    At Christmas time, the McSherrys had the biggest tree in the entire town. They had a cathedral ceiling and took out their window to get it in. It was quite a site. I’ve learned that it is never too late to improve yourself. To step forward instead of being stepped on.
    I’ve learned that everytime I go out the door in the morning, it’s a fucking pot shot. Any damn thing can happen. Good or bad and it usually comes in streaks. When it rains it pours. I was stumbling around YouTube the other day and I came across the opening scene to “Saving Private Ryan” I have never seen that movie because of what people told me about it. I have learned that I am an extremely sensitive human being. I stopped watching movies that frighten me a very long time ago. SO I WATCHED IT…..and it was as bad as I thought it would be. It made me think about allot of things. I was shaking after I viewed it. War is so damn horrible but I am glad that Mr. McSherry survived.

  6. Administrator says:

    DATE: 12/09/2008 09:58:06
    What I have learned……….so far.
    1. Be thankful of what you have……..millions of people have nothing…….they have no idea where there next meal is comming from.
    2.Penut oil is the best oil fot frying turkey’s but not at 39 bucks for 3 gallons.
    3.Don’t mess with snakes with eyes like a cat.
    4.I wish it was Friday…….your wishing your life away.
    5. I barly play the Lotto. This past Saturday I asked GOD if he lets me win I will give HALF of my winnings to poor people………….I got 3 numbers and won $5.50.I will find a person to give $2.75 to.


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