from the shores of iwo Jima….Entry for March 19, 2009

On the side of the (cliff) couch
Jim McSherry and i played little army
the green plastic kind frozen
expressions loaded
macHINe gUns
tanks not to scale

we played with our vivid imagination
in the tv newsglow of the vietnam news
103 dead will be shipped home this week a jump from 72
just last week
InspiRed by the army movies his DaD sat down to watch
the rabbit ears covered in tinfoil
constantly moved to get better reception
so hard to get them to stand up
on the carpet battlefield
the music from the MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE
always made me cry



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  1. Administrator says:

    The Interview

    do you like our fake trees?
    why are you two feet taller than me?
    do you have a degree?
    why did you leave this job?
    have you ever painted a sunset?
    why are you staring at me like that?
    do you masturbate in the shower?
    have you ever raised honey bees?
    is that florescent light too bright?
    did you just put that wedding band on this morning?
    have you ever spent seventeen days in jail?
    do you believe in God?
    what time is it when the mouse runs up the clock?
    did you vote for Reagan?
    have you ever been affiliated with alcoholics anonymous?
    quickly, what is the square root of thirty-seven?
    are you attracted to me?
    how many siblings do you have?
    are any of them gay?
    can you honestly compare work experience with four years of college?
    do you like my perfume?
    i got it as a gift from my secret lover
    we meet in the park at lunch time
    you call this a portfolio?
    is this the best you can do?
    i have several thousand more applicants to interview
    can you be reached at this number?
    we’ll get back to you


    “Do you like them in a box?
    do you like them with a fox?”
    -Dr Suess

    Thursday March 19, 2009 – 09:40pm (PDT)

  2. Administrator says:

    essential annie

    Annie Leibovitz is a spoiled little
    Brat spoonfed with Great Luck
    her whole wonderful liFe
    she won the lottery of photography back
    when rolling stone was a folded piece of cheap paper
    anyboDy could have taken those shots bitch
    cigarette dangling rock stars and makeUp covered movie
    STARS of
    course people point and sigh
    your grainy black andwhite WorLD
    your naked Lennon with sideburns
    the day he died
    success is being in the right place at the right time
    like sperm seeking eggs a million (or two)
    to one Odds
    Like the penetration The beginning
    (the strobe light) of life success and
    hanging out with mick Jagger for
    you are the framed masterpiece >i am the discolored
    polaroid sick with Fear
    to even walk up armed with cannon to sleeping homless


    Thursday March 19, 2009 – 07:55pm (PDT)

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