Keeping Brother Glenn alive

There once was a herd of ten sheep and they were all raised in the same pen.
They looked at each other and said, “Look at you, YOU are the BLACK sheep of the family.”
“No, I am NOT. Have you looked at yourself? YOU are indeed the black sheep of the family.”
In their minds they all thought that they were indeed, fluffy white on the outside. When they looked at their brothers and sisters, they saw negativity, difference and darkness.
ONE DAY a shiny chrome, newly washed, 18 wheel freight truck pulled up next to them to deliver their food. When they all looked at their reflection as one family, they realized that they were all the same color. They were all beautiful and they were even more beautiful when they saw how they looked together as ONE.
I got a text message from Ohio saying Glenn is in a nursing home.
From deep within your heart ask Jesus to be by his side.

Glenn we LOVE YOU

Glenn we LOVE YOU


  1. George Charles Hartman always was, always will be. said,

    July 11, 2009 @ 12:31 am

    Ink On Fingers
    i am nice to everyone too nice
    most times not to myself and i have beaten the fuckin crap
    outta myself in too many dimly lit back alleys
    i hate loose dogs in the ghetto
    and squished cats on the street dried up run over and over
    until the man with the orange vest One-Scoops him with the snow shovel
    and throws him to heaven

    don’t let your animals run around unless you live on the side
    of a dirt road and your home has the universe for a backyard
    you have so many trees that you have lost count

    my father george charles never taught me how to sheet rock spackle or ski
    i counted buttons durng inventory of his fabric store I hated
    when that grey haired mother came in with her severely down-syndroned son I couldnt stop staring

    we lick our fingers to turn the glossy pages of the catalogue ( “X” that out)
    we click our mouses to turn the glossy pages of the site
    the shiny new things we yearn for the toys of life and shoes that say
    i am ME i am special

    i am so lost without my art
    like a forgotten dog in the ghetto
    or a cat that never had a

    in heaven you can’t download porn
    or sheetrock your only bedroom
    but you can sit with your dad, who’s been dead for 38 years (who died when he was 38 years old) (who never downloaded ANYTHING)
    and sit with him in the gasoline garage of summer and talk about seven year locust
    and the 1968 New York Football Giants

    IF YOU DON’T know how to use your car blinker
    I hate when you drive in front of me
    I really want to know where you are going
    not where you WENT or have been

    you can not escape the beehive of the northeast
    or the clutter of an upside down map
    the scent of you no longer whispers
    and ive been shooken by a loud thunder clap

    sit by me know as i tell you how nice guys always seem to finish last
    how everything new ends up rusted
    and people i love go away fast
    the spinning of the earth seems so endless
    the clouds in the sky churning up dark
    I’ve been driving around for one hundred hours
    and now it is time to park

  2. George Charles Hartman always was, always will be. said,

    July 11, 2009 @ 1:14 am

    Tonight the sun is shinning

    “My name is George and I am a alcoholic.”
    The room: (in union) “Hi George.”
    George: “Well, I’ve been feeling pretty damn good lately, I’m creating again and writing really stupid shit on my Mac. I took the garbage out of my car, almost two bags full, found some beef jerky and that stuff don’t go bad. Today I had my final meeting with my psychologist who told me I was bi-polar but it was cancelled by his secretary because he committed suicide.”
    The room: (whispers and gasps) “holy shit” “damn” “what the…”
    George: “I was doing my laundry at 2am in the SoapNsuds watching Spanish TV soap operas and decided that my life isn’t as bad as theirs so I feel a surge of gratitude in my life. My new girlfriend, I think we are a couple, is really very funny, smart and looks great in a dress. Well, the strangest thing, we had this surreal date in a noisy Italian Restaurant called Emmas. Outside was a car show. Since the restaurant is all glass we were surrounded by this craziness. The couple next to us were REALY close, I hate that kind of seating in Restaurants and they kept looking at my girlfriend because she kept saying all these crazy, funny things and they were like trying to be snobby and reserved. So I broke the ice with them and it made our uncomfortable closeness a little better.
    I didn’t feel like a drink today. Or yesterday. Or the past 19 and a half years.”
    The Room: “Amen” “Halileiuah” “Right on brother Geo”
    George: “I owe it all to you and my higher power, The Moon.”
    Big Al: “Dude you can’t have the moon for a fucking higher power!”
    George: “I could have ANY fucking thing for my higher power Al !”
    Group Leader: “Uhhhh, no crosstalk please.”
    Tom: “What the fuck George. You had a statue of a cow for your higher power last week !”
    Frank: “Yeah, what the hell was that? Your Buddahist phase?”
    George: “Hey, what the hell…?”
    Group Leader: “All right that’s enough. Let him finish.”
    Big Al: “How about the time you refused to make coffee because you said you were allergic to it?”
    George: (after sipping his coffee) “I am. I was. That week.”
    Frank: “Twenty years my ass. I bet you’re still tipping the bottle. You’re full of shit.”
    Big Al: “You can’t bring prostitutes to an AA meeting.”
    George: “It wasn’t a MENS MEETING. It was fucking OPEN”
    Group Leader: “George, she fucking passed out and fell over during the “moment of silence” !”
    George: “See how quiet she was!”
    Bob: “Can we just get on with the meeting !!!!”
    George: (wiping a fake tear) “I love you fucking guys”

  3. Administrator said,

    July 12, 2009 @ 4:38 pm

    Today the girl that hangs out at the Bookstore came in with naked feet. I don’t know what her reasoning was, but I liked that she was making a statement of some sort. She holds her hair back with a pink breast cancer headband. Even though it’s not allowed she brings her own food into the Cafe. Her idea of lunch is a organic nectarine and some sliced cucumbers. She sits by the window flipping through “Mother Earth” and watching people go by in the same distant, pleasant way one watches a feel good film.
    She doesn’t exactly keep her distance from the rest of society, but she doesn’t seem to rely on it.

    My new job relies on much more then my computer skills. ONCE AGAIN (dear God thank you) one door has closed (rather suddenly) and another one, maybe two or three have gracefully opened up for me.
    I am more involved with the huge large format printers Vewtech and Roland. The mechanics, maintenance and processing of REAL large format. Size really fucking matters here. When I was hired, he said that his company was “up and coming” more like, I think we are already there!
    First job I was involved with were the huge Times Square Windows at MTV headquarters in NYC.
    He’s already asked me to work on the website. I am going to attempt a totally Adobe Flash format which I have never done.
    I am looking at going back to school in Union County College this September for advanced Flash presentation/web design.

    Today, I have not had a drink or a drug in 7,179 days.
    I have been on this earth: 17,853 days.
    Yesterday Four very young American men were blown up by a “terrorist” roadside bombs in southern Afganaistan. Their time on this beautiful crazy planet is over.
    Today I will silently pray for their families.

  4. Ann said,

    July 15, 2009 @ 6:33 pm

    looking forward to day 7,582… you’ll be there before you know it!

  5. Gary said,

    July 26, 2009 @ 1:02 am

    The door that slamed close (your old job) that you loved so much….what happened? I’m VERY proud of you and your being sober this long, I am sure brother it was long long road. Better days are instore you. I am proud to call you my brother. Now get in the back seat and get soom rest.

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