Mother and son.

Around April I made it a mission to find Grandma Gill and Brothers grave. Earlier last year, Barb and I had unsuccessfully attempted to locate it and the office was closed on the weekend we were there. When I came back I tried on my own to find it and finally gave up and went in the office. They gave me an almost exact location and I STILL couldn’t find it.
I was looking for the two trees. The landmarks of the grave for the past 50 years. Planted by Grandpa Gill after his wife May was buried.
I finally found to stone but to my dismay, the TREEs were GONE! I couldn’t believe it! I was very upset. How do you just “take down trees”? Without asking or for that matter HOW DO YOU JUST KILL TREEs. Trees with much sentimental value.
Not only were they missing but the holes in the ground were never properly taken care of. Not filled in enough or at all! As a result of this inconsiderate action, the stone has begun to shift.
I went back into the office and complained.
They told me that they NEVER take down trees unless they are dead or “unrecoverable”
I believed them.
From what I did understand (please correct me if I am wrong) is that Grandpa Gill planted Japanese Maples
I remember it had red leafs. Very beautiful. Very very slow growing. Hardly a tree to survive for a long time in this area.

My idea is to replant trees here. Hopefully the same kind. I would like to do it if any or all of the Gill family happens to stumble into New Jersey sometime.
To the Grandmother I never met: I heard you were a very good woman. It is too bad you lived such a short life. I don’t know why your husband and father of three children didn’t want to rest next to you. He was a strange bitter man sometimes but a good generous man.
Grandma May, you would have loved your many many grandchildren. We would have loved you and your wonderful smile.

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3 Responses to “Mother and son.”

  1. Mindy says:

    Hello everyone. George I just want to say Thank You for that. I have never seen my fathers grave site. I am at working and crying. Thanks Alot. (LOL). I really appreciate that picture alot. I always wanted to get there and see him and talk to him but never made it. Thank You so very much. Lots of Love Mindy

  2. neondusk says:

    hey Mindy—I’m sorry to upset you. We will all go visit your Father and our Grandmothers site one day. I put down flowers and got on my knees (like I do at my Dad and Moms grave) and I talk to them. I never knew our Grandmother, nobody ever did but your father was like my father to me. He was a VERY special man. He loved life and showed it. He loved us ALL and showed it. I do miss him very much. Nothing hurt me more than to see him so weak and sick, that was NEVER him. I miss him and you and Jim, Debbie….VERY MUCH.

  3. Mindy says:

    It was a good upset. Even though I didn’t see it in person, I have a sense of relief. I don’t know why but I do. I think about him often. I miss him very much. I miss all you guys to very much. I hope I can see you all one day. xoxoxo

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