Road Trips

From Left: Nicole, daughter of Glenn our brother. Barb, our sister in middle. Brooke, daughter of Brenda and Madison (hanging on bottom) daughter of Nicole (Grand daughter of Glenn) Family is SO EASY with Ten kids.

From Left: Nicole, daughter of Glenn our brother. Barb, our sister in middle. Brooke, daughter of Brenda and Madison (hanging on bottom) daughter of Nicole (Grand daughter of Glenn) Family is SO EASY with Ten kids.

Almost missed this great shot from a recent Summer road trip with a few of the Ohio Girls. Bernadette is probably taking this photo in the depths of Times Square NY.
With the advent of Facebook there have already been several strange hometown get-togethers. Some are planned this week and next. In Florida where several old Jersey friends ended up are having a BBQ at Bonnie Szeztaye’s house. Apparently next week there is a BBQ in New Jersey at Johnson Park with a bunch of old chums (not sure of the details, but I’ll check)
BERNADETTE and LARRY are driving to Jersey next week for some beach time.

As our family continues to grow, with Bonnies pregnancy and the rediscovery of our long-lost cousins the Gills, I have fallen WAY BEHIND on the Family Ties Web Site. Especially with photos of the children. They grow like weeds, ya know. I don’t think any of you would recognize my two boys if they walked in the room right now. I’m not even sure, I would.
As I struggle with dealing with teenage hormones, demands and pure INSANITY, I have also been through quite a bit this year also. The darkened economy hit some industries harder than others. I am surfacing every once in a while to grab a gasp of air. I have plans for two totally different business’
I have been going back and forth to the Hudson Valley. In my unemployment, I have also found serene friends, artistic inspirations, gurgling brooks, hot sun and mountains. Getting a job is hard work. I have been here before.
Once I knew a man named Alex. He married at age 18. Lived in the same house, in the same town for 40 years. Stayed with his woman for 40 years. Had the same job for 40 years. Worked in the same room with the same people for 40 years. Went on the same vacation every year at the same time for 40 years.
How I used to envy Alex. This guy had security every where he turned. He had everything I thought that life should be. The American dream. Money, a wife a retirement and his home was paid off.
Alex used to love talking with me. He said I was a great “story teller”
“But, they aren’t stories Alex, they are my life. Divorce, job loss, children, hardship, moving, debt, worrying, praying, dreaming, death, happiness, drugs, drinking, sobriety and…………hope.”
“Yeah, I know,” said Alex with that big smile
“I envy you George, my life is so damn boring.”

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2 Responses to “Road Trips”

  1. Mr. Dusk says:

    i’ve wondered out loud;
    why do you still haunt me? as i’m walking down
    the sunlit stairs
    “why do you still sleep in my dreams?’
    why do i still sleep in my car?
    the whole world has gone crazy

    launching test rockets into awkward skies
    thrown to the wolves by rooted family members
    Everyone I met today had a bomb
    tied to their body
    smiling softly, as if i didn’t know

    the whole world has gone crazy
    drinking champaign for breakfast
    in the papers; all the celebrities are dying
    and the papers are too

    MY mother sent me a Facebook poke from the grave
    (she is funny like that) and she put up a photo album last week
    of angles
    Grandmas making coffee for Brenda and Beverly
    All the world is going crazy;
    we love the people that have gone away
    but we give the finger to those on the street

    it’s the process of elimination
    the locust and bees
    the ugly celebrities

    they found the milk carton girl after eighteen years
    freedom is more than a crooked smile
    freedom is nothing
    absolutely nothing


  2. I was thumbing through a book called “1,000 Places To See Before You Die” and hell, I’l never make 20 of them. So I think, I’ll just continue my Acceptance journey on this planet. I am where I need to be and I will reach out to others if I feel they need to reach out.
    My boys are not yet men, but they are good human beings. In this special way, I am very blessed.
    I was sitting on bench people watching in New Paltz when a severely retarded boy was wheeled past me in his wheel chair. He was just crying out all kinds of crazy noises. When he saw me, he howled even louder and I was extremely frightened. The old man pushing him just looked at me and smiled. I guess he is just so used to it.
    I will be in New York on the eighth anniversary of 9/11 and already I can feel and see the tension. The police are ALL OVER the Lincon Tunnel. I always think of the people that jumped on this anniversary. I don’t know why that hurt me so much, thinking of that decision they HAD to make.
    It was the first time in my life I REALLY DOUBTED the exsitence of God.
    There’s NO WAY he could allow such horror in the world.
    The second time I ever questioned the exsitence of God was when I saw that mentally retarded boy in the wheelchair today.

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