One bright Fall day in Rosendale NY

One day in Rosendale NY
Bob (left) a mushroom harvester and Chris (right) steel drum player/human puppet

In my exploratory discoveries of upstate New York, yet another quaint little town shown to me by Golden Bear. We found Bob in a parking lot when a blue herring suddenly and gracefully flew across the sky. We all stood in awe and my first impression of Bob was ripped and thrown away when only he was able to identify the bird immediately. When I noticed his Florida license plates, I felt drawn to him and soon found a wonderful man with a wonderful story.
He was once well over 300 pounds when he met a woman, who taught him how to cook and eat organically.
He also went to a 6 month spiritual retreat with her and together they became interested in healthy eating and cooking. He took a course in Mushroom harvesting and comes up here to NY to identify and harvest. He goes town to town to sell his “schrooms” to local restaurants. Some can fetch quite a pretty penny per pound.

Chris was sitting on his chair playing a small steel drum instrument that he had invented himself. The sound that came from his fingers against the drums was heavenly and mesmerizing as the town people just walked about doing their thing. Chris was surrounded by an open garage filled with hand-made masks, robes, banners and the smell of paint. The banner across the top advertised for a “puppet show 4:00 PM” something I just couldn’t (and glad I didn’t) miss.

Halloween comes early in Rosendale
Halloween comes early in Rosendale

You can’t beat entertainment that includes most of the children from the audience and live music provided by the locals. Community comes into your heart like a great wind, knocking down barriers of prejudice and fear. The show made me want to sing, chant and dance along and I would have if that by doing that I would have blocked others view and been too rude.
This makeshift stage, (garage) hand-painted scenery and stories probably written that day was one of the simplest joys I had experienced in a very long time.

An exciting way to activate your intuition is through wonder!
An exciting way to activate your intuition is through wonder!

Another nice find, The Rosedale Cafe, full of locals and good food (and free WiFi ! LoL) is a great place to visit among all the history and restored buildings.

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  1. TEN ways to nurture your spirit
    1. when you leave for work….REALLY leave
    2. go for a walk with someone you love
    3.invite friends over for a pot luck dinner and then play board games the rest of the nite
    4. unplug (or turn off) your phone during dinner
    5. dont take work calls on the evenings or on weekends
    6.tell stories instead of watching tv
    7. play with your pet
    8. do something creative with your hands and give your mind a rest
    9.write a long letter to a loved one
    10. take a long hot bubblebath

  2. Of coarse there are magical mushrooms in upstate NY but any book or (most) web sites on mushroom information will not list or picture them for obvious reasons. Just out of my own curiosity I asked about this. He knew of one particular mushroom in upstate called “Laughing Jimmy” because while under the influence of this mushrooms it is said that you can’t stop laughing. In the internet age they have become the “LOL Shroom”

  3. Your fine promises
    were like the dew of life
    To a parched plant
    But now the autumn
    of another year goes by

    Have you any idea
    How long a night can last, spent
    Lying alone and sobbing?

    When I went out in
    The Spring fields to pick
    The young greens for you
    Snow fell on my sleeves

    Will I cease to be
    Or will I remember
    Beyond the world
    our last meeting together?

    I think of the days
    before I met her
    When I seemed to have
    no troubles at all

    We were together
    only a little while
    And we believed our love
    would last a thousand years

    On Mount Yagami
    The setting sun has left the sky
    The light grows dim
    I thought I was a brave man
    My thin sleeves are wet with tears

    FROM: One Hundred Poems From the Japanese

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