One giant leap for mankind

Thoughts on turning 50I never dreamed of a mountain top so crisp and clear and deep as I did on August 25 2010. Both my parents and two of my five sisters have passed away. Our Gill cousins are “around the corner” My fathers side has slipped away. Keeping up with the Jones’.
AUGUST 2010: August 2010 has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays, all in one month.
Contrary to what you’ve been hearing on the internet this is not a rare occurrence, and it certainly happens more often than once every 823 years.
This is part of a cycle: In August 2009, there were five Saturdays, five Sundays and five Mondays. August 2011 will have five Mondays, five Tuesdays and five Wednesdays.
The next time we get five Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays in August will be August 2021.
There was a full moon on my 50th birthday but it rained. But the next day I took a photo of it on my way to work:

In ONE HALF OF A CENTURY I remember many historical things: JFK’s funeral on TV. Man landing on the moon for the first time. Being at the 1965 New York Worlds Fair. The Space Shuttle disaster and the terrorist attacks on New York I also watched live on television. I have met thousands of people–some of them for only a few seconds or minuets but I remember them. I have also lost my memory on many things and many people.
I have worked many jobs. Paper boy, refrigerated warehouse lifting 100 lb cases of beef. Lucent technologies plotting services. Large format prepress printer in New York City. Weedwhacker. Aluminum line paint mixer. Arcade attendant. Sign designer. Web builder. Forklift driver. Truck unloader. Recovery driver. Gas station attendant. Junk yard auction yard.
In fifty years I am a survivor because I knoe of at least twenty or more of my friends that are at or around my age that have succumbed to addiction.
I don’t drink or smoke but I drink too much coffee and Red Bull. I’m not much for sweets but salt is a huge addiction.
As for life at Fifty, “you’ve always been here”

I woke up in a house of clocks alarmed at where I had ended up in life. On my 50th birthday I gratefully never entered a room filled with people I know screaming surprise, but I worked a 13 hour day and very humbly had dinner in a Polish restaurant with Krystina. It was the best birthday I ever had. The mushroom soup was excellent.
I feel like I have read the Star Ledger a New Jersey based morning newspaper my whole life. I even delivered it for three years when I was a young teen before it became an “adult job” In the Summer when I had no school, I stayed up all night, writing, drawing and dreaming before I would deliver the paper at 2 or 3 am. It is just one of those things that have been part of my life. Those mysterious dark walks at night delivering newspapers, sometimes with my bike. It was the beginning of that isolation and loneliness that I found so comforting in my life.
Dad loved the Sunday paper and read it it inside out. I guess I inherited that. A good thing. A lot of people don’t read the newspaper anymore. They stopped having it delivered and they don’t buy it from newsstands. Sunday may be a small exception. The internet has killed the newspaper. The slow death is almost complete.
I remember reading as a kid that Black Bears had not been seen in New Jersey for almost seven decades and the writer assured me, that “Bears of any kind will never tread on New Jersey soil ever again.”
Slowly but surely over the years they have begun to move in.
New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the United States. Between 1950 and 2000, the population nearly doubled to reach 8.4 million. As development eats away at black bear habitat, the number of reported human-bear conflicts has risen.
I remember when spotting a deer as a kid was a BIG thing! Now they are EVERYWHERE. In Watchung NJ, they are like squirrels. Running across neighborhood streets and hanging out in groups in peoples backyards.
Recently last Fall they were pulling Seals out of the ocean as far north as Seawaren and as far south as Point Pleasant Beach. Seals …… IN NEW JERSEY!!! When I lived in Spring Lake a runaway deer was so confused and lost that it just took off blindly into the ocean !! It ended up with its foot caught in the rocks with a rapidly rising tide. I witnessed the dramatic rescue and still can’t forget the very strange contrast of brown deer against white sand and ocean.
Another great Jersey Shore attraction this year has been shark spotting. Not a rare event but certainly something to make the Star Ledger whenever it happens. Deer and squirrels can’t kill but Black Bears and Sharks can bite your leg off.
My only true visit to the beach this year I witnessed a panic as two fins broke the ocean top close to the shoreline. OMG SHARKS everyone yelled but the lifeguards were quick to correct us that they were indeed—DOLPHINS. Dolphins in New Jersey, it is indeed a strange globally warming planet that we are living on!

In the sometimes insanity of everyday life, I’ve taken time to hold the moment. All work and no play makes Jack an insane boy. If you are enveloped in slavery, open up your feelings. Scream with your mouth. Free yourself and SPEAK UP because you are a human being you deserve it. Somebody is watching over you at all times. I swear.

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