Dreaming in Black & White….Entry for May 30, 2008

In this dream I was a kid in our house on Whitman street in Carteret NJ. It was Fall because everything was black and white outside and inside even our pets. Mom and Dad were at Liberty Bell betting on Joanies Ponie. I was scared. Not because of the trees outside but because Carol and […]

It’s beginning to look alot like…….Entry for November 30, 2007

While driving around once before Thanksgiving, I noticed Christmas lights. On the radio….Christmas music!!! BEFORE THANKSGIVING??? Why does the Christmas celebration start earlier every year? The commercial reasons are obvious; many retailers do a significant portion of their business during Christmastime, so the sooner the sleigh bells ring, the happier stores are. There is a […]

I love you….forever……….Entry for February 14, 2007

“Archaeologist unearthed a pair of embracing human skeletons at a construction site in Mantua, northern Italy, on Monday, and they believe the couple, a man and a woman were buried between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago.” (The Star Ledger) Sometimes newspapers surprise me with good news, a great photo or awesome wisdom—-they are not just […]