a (selfie)

im more than you would think a flash in the pan a wink of the eye well traveled soul (once upon a time) and im gone i talk to mountains taste cheese grow tomatoes addicted to olives and stormy seas like the feel of the sun on my face the wind on my back i […]

What Goes Without Saying

The ART of Appreciation or The Appreciation of ART I enjoy this ____ because ____ I respect this ____ because ____ I admire this ____ because ____ I appreciate this ____ because ____ I think this _____ is worthwhile because ____ I love this ____ because ____ July 2012 New York City The city. In […]

Home Movies

On the plane back from Las Vegas Nevada my prized possession was a dvd that Jaybird had burned for me. Several attempts at viewing proved futile and finally a visit to a “dvd specialist” gave me the bad news. The dvd never really burned. What I had was three seconds of Comedy Centrals Happy Days. […]

“My life is holding the universe together.”

Dearest Icky-Poo-Yum-Yum, My thoughts while searching for a vector ice cream cone on “images” in Google: is art an anti-depressant? If my laptop dies, I can always learn how to paint on canvas. Do you, as a man, know the principles of basic plumbing? Do we all know that your hands are your first teachers? […]