Entry for May 25, 2006 Trivera

Out of all ten of us and Mom and Dad………
1. Who is missing on the Remember When? collage???
2. Who is that old lady to the far right of the “Remember When?” collage and who is she holding?
Also: Who is shown the MOST in the collage? How many times?
3. On the opening page of the Family Ties web site, in the blue photo at the top, can you name everyone in that photo?
4. Can you name the famous person on the shirt in the center?
5. Where was this photo taken?…..and WHO took it?
Does anyone have an old photo of the person that is missing in the collage??

Entry for May 13, 2006—- Please Contribute——

Ok…here’s the challenge. Contribute to the “Remember when” page. Do you think you can do it?…….(I don’t)…….Listen, I know our brains are warped from years of God-knows-what….but there’s gotta be something left. Here, I’ll start…remember when Cookie had a tatoo parlor in our home? (What the HELL was mom thinking????) How many people do you know had a tatoo parlor in the middle of their freakin’ house. I used to walk by the middle room upstairs and some broad had her pants around her ankles and “Cookie” was sitting there with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth…..”BZZZZZZ…..BZZZZZZ……….BZZZZZZZZZ” And he was like the dental hygenist when he was done….but instead of a brand new tootbrush, dental floss and mouthwash…..”Cookie” gave you a small jar of vaseline, asprine and some gauze bandages.

Entry for May 12, 2006

Testing one two three. This is it? This is the family blog. To interact just click on “comments” to the right….and you can rap…Hope this works out.
There is a way to imbede photos too…it’s not too complicated. Just follow the instructions….bascically these blogs work strictly HTML code…but if you want to type…..just type and post the entry….very simple.