A start for Gill Tree

Click here to enlarge. This is an extremely rough version, at least a small beginning of a Gill tree. I want to thank Cheryl, a friend of mine for digging in unexpectedly and doing this. Yeah there are missing last names and somebody named Caroline that was probably who our aunt Carol was named after? […]

America Today July 4, 2016

The Wild West At home and abroad, the world has grown less safe. Simply put, America is full of fear. Whether fueled by sexism, racism, or linked to radical Islam, simple things like going to a church or dancing at a club are not so simple anymore. I’m not a very political person and this […]

Our Aunt Pat

Very few of you will remember Brother’s wife, Pat Gill (now Moon). Maybe George and Barbara will but since Brother and Pat divorced in 1970, there are few memories. Pat is the mother of three of our cousins, Debbie Denmark, Jim Gill and Mindy Smith all who live in the Akron, Ohio area. Pat is […]

“Her Legacy”

Forward Many thanks to Bernadette for copying the pictures for us and to Carol for sharing some of hers. Thank you to ALL OF YOU for contributing…even those of you that took forever to get it in….past deadline!! As you read the following pages REMEMBER…all the happy times spent together…for in the end all that […]

Fear of dogs and loyalty

It’s funny how nicknames end up sticking with someone. George Costanza was sick of his name and tried to get a nickname, T-Bone and ended up with Coco. Howard Wallawitz ended up with “Fruit Loops” instead of “Rocket Man” I got a nickname when I was too young to remember. There was a neighbors dog […]

This is a tragic page in this book and like all books it has this one.It is a page of heartbreak, of loss of faith, deep personal pride plunged from highest levels into pits of darkness, of return of dark area in childhood and in summation of deep deep hurt. The most tragic event in […]


For most of us that don’t know, we have a cousin in Las Vegas Nevada. He is 61 years old today. When I was growing up we called him Jaybird. He called me Butch. We still use those nicknames and that is a beautiful thing. I know many of you don’t know him but he […]