Cloud Forest

The one reason why I thought it was NOT a dream was because I distinctly remember being so excited at this situation that I just had to put my arm around my father. While the photo was being taken, I swirled my head in total ecstasy as to who I was with. I remember turning […]

Hello Clara and Charles

Hi Just checking in. How is the weather up there? We are starting to warm up a bit. With the information you gave me on the family tree, I went to visit Charles today. As it turns out, the cemetery that he is buried in is only 8 miles from where I am living with […]

Over the river and thru the woods….

A letter received several years ago from Mendam NJ after an inquiry by our sister Barb about our two great aunts on our fathers side. Our grandfather came from a family of 12. Really, 13 but “he” died early in life. Health was a fragile thing in the beginning of the twentieth century. All you […]