If the deers could talk……

and oh that magic feeling
no where to go.
Last week I met Cheryl from Craigs List at the Menlo Park Mall and she sold me a brand new (in the box) four man tent. (only 40 bucks!!) So, I have a place picked out. Deep in the woods. Actually it’s gonna be quite scary at night so yesterday I bought a Lantern for only five bucks (and a quart of kerosene oil !!) I need a tarp….and I wish I would have checked “Junk Day” here a little more carefully, I know I would have found one for free. My place is exclusive. High and dry and sort of “overlooking” with “natural” air conditioning and oh the smell of those woods and peat moss.
So fuck you economy and rising taxes and assholes who want to rent a room for 700 bucks. A ROOM! One room-single-and a utility bill–with shared bathroom and kitchen. Share this! LoL. So fuck you gas prices that go up ten cents in one day while the state looks the other way. So fuck you health insurance plans starting at 600 a month with insanely high deductibles and prescription co pays. So fuck the rising price of EVERYTHING. 60 bucks for three of us to go to a movie. 80 dollars to bowl for two hours. Fuck you New York Giants and your never ending Personal License Fee and your never ending over priced tickets and parking bullshit. Fuck you Parkway and Turnpike Poll. Fuck you 28 dollars for a half a bag of groceries. FUCK YOU !!!!
Do you think you could fit everything you own in a 5’x5′ steel hole in the wall? They say, the less you have, the less you have to worry about.
Recently, I have been called “weird” I think the reason why that “hurt” me was because I had done everything in my human means to be nice to this person. Not only was I stepped on but ignored and probably ridiculed. Being weird in these times is a compliment. My imagination pulls me through. My faith is strong. But most of all:
I am trying to trick myself, to trick my mind into being weirder, because I actually like things to be weird.

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Indian Winter

indian winter
im not gettin outta bed yet

Mac or PC? Zune or iPod?
Vista or OS X?
Net Book or Mac Book?

hunger or stuffed?; empty or full?
dance or sit?; toilet or woods?

You or your children?; You or them?
Your children or you?; Them or You?
Hardly everybody. Barely you.

i dont have a manifesto but i do have a plan


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The Choice is YOURS America !!….Entry for November 3, 2008

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The Hippies were right……..Entry for June 18, 2008

My fellow globally-warmed Americans-are you ready now, to vote for me. Although I am a 12 stepper in recovery from alcohol, drugs and whatever else I could get my hands on, although I have a misdemeanor or two on my record, although I didn’t go back to college until I was 38, my greatest asset, my fellow Americans is that I am NOT a politician ! The Hippies were right my friends….in everything they protested for, especially not wearing bras!
Look at our planet, my SUV driving friends. Where is the sky? Take me to the trees. The animals and fish are dying.

I’m talking about, say, energy-efficient light bulbs. I’m looking at organic foods going mainstream. I mean chemical-free cleaning products widely available at Target and I’m talking saving the whales and protecting the dolphins and I mean yoga studios flourishing in every small town, giant boxes of organic cereal at Costco and non-phthalates dildos at Good Vibes and the Toyota Prius becoming the nation’s oddest status symbol. You know, good things.

I read that out west they are letting their horses free because the feed cost too much! We need to TAKE A HISTORICAL STEP BACKWARDS.
Use your land to grow food. Use a horse to get to work. And when it shits—put it in your garden. Have dinner with your family at night after working on your land. Turn off ALL your monitors. Chop wood and carry water. BUY a cow!

The first step, as president of the USA will be to withdraw our troops from all over the world and bring them home. We will apologize to Iraq and rebuild their country.
Our new National Anthem will be “Imagine” by John Lennon.
Vote for me and the White House will be closed down and a tent will be raised. The whole world is watching and waiting…….to follow us. You know, all that typical hippie crap no one believes in anymore. Right?

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On the verge of Fall……Entry for October 10, 2007

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My opening day…………Entry for October 8, 2007

This is one of the last things left of Dads. These damn tickets. In 1972 I started going to Giant games at the ripe old age of 12. Thirty-five years later….I am still sitting in the same seats (well, 30 years at Giants stadium, 3 at Yale bowl and one at Yankee stadium) Approximatly 330 home games later I sit here with my 15 year old son. It is alot of heritage, history and memories. Some of the people that have gone to games with me, Mr Moran, Ed Deloreto, Frank and John Karst. beverly. barbara gary grant brenda, Gene Kaufman, John Morgan, Susan, Dan Braza, Erin, Mr Blackford, Chris Espeland, Marielle, Mom, Don Bok, Erin, Glenn Jr, Jo Ann, Buc Bahlman, and Roy Henderson to name a few.
I HAVE BEEN SITTING next to the alot of the same people for 30 years. They remember when I had a poney tail and beard and drank and flipped out over missed first downs.
On this particular beautiful sunny day they played the “other” NY team and won. Josh and I got to the parking lot at 9am and finally left around 9:30 pm. We had the grill going all day: pork roll, hotdogs, clams with garlic and drawn butter, hot wings, shrimp, steak and potatoe salad (made the way mom made it) As the sun went down and we began to launch fireworks into the orange sky….I realized how many hours of my life I have spent in this damn parking lot….between the Giants and the Grateful Dead…I have met so many people…and I am passing this heritage onward…in the glow of our little fire…..says Josh….”this is cool dad.”…..yeah this is cool.

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Anatomy of a Job-MSG-New York Rangers-DAY THREE

INSTALLATION WAS a cinch because we have done this job before. I came in early to hang around and take photos. The clients were very happy with the whole job (which is the main thing) especially the deep blue. Large format is very powerful if done well. At almost 15 feet high when completed the imact of this job with the size and vivd colors is incrediable!

MEANWHILE LUNCH at Mr. Chows on seventh ave and we are discussing the next set of graphics for Madison Square Garden. Another set of boxed windows on the other side for the New York Knicks. Holy shit this Orange Chicken is spicy hot!

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Anatomy of a Job-MSG-New York Rangers-DAY TWO

WHILE I DID AN ALL-NIGHTER, the next morning the boys started laminating the panels. I ran into a couple of problems while printing. There was STILL some bit-mapping in the images and I had to take some of them back into Photoshop to resample. This is where it gets weird because if you oversample a low res image you are prone to some strange artfacts. Once again I was able to get away with it because of the density of the image and the power of the RIP. (Rasterized Image processor)
ANOTHER PROBLEM, the printing started banding (streaking) halfway through a print. Resolving this took alot of time. I had to clean and manitain the printer and then I had to slow down the printing process which really sucks for a rush job. But at this point we were way ahead of schedual!


GCH DREAM #499 for September 29, 2007

In this dream I was walking home from work very late at night on the streets of New York City. I had a nice shirt on but I was only wearing my underwear and no pants. They were “tighty whities”. The streets were deserted and windy. A large black Cadilac SUV pulled up along side of me. It was Tiki Barber. The power window rolled down, “Get in!” he yelled above the howling wind and dust.
TIKI: (smiling) I saw you had a Giants cap on.
ME: Is that why you picked me up?
TIKI: (smiling) No, you looked cold in your underwear.
ME: Tiki…..why did you retire from football?…..I mean damn you were doing so good!
TIKI: (smiling) Man, did you ever go to a REAL football game?
ME: Did I ever!
TIKI: (smiling) Dude, I know. I seen you up there every damn Sunday. That was a trick question.
ME: Oh.
TIKI: (smiling) Listen. It wasn’t all me ya know. I had FIVE offensive lineman weighing over 300 pounds plowing the way for me….well, I did have some damn good moves, incredible strenghth….and I did run like a deer….
ME: (Holding my hands up to the heat blowing vents) Tiki….you didn’t retire. YOU QUIT!

And then I woke up.
"Why did I quit the Giants one year before their finest historical year ever?

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Self Portrait for September 29, 2007

I HAVE FOUND some creative friends through blogging. Someone said i should take my self-portrait at least once a month. Someone else said i should take it daily. Either way it is a record of me, an exploration of self. Sometimes i think that we are all so busy walking on the surface that we fail to see what is inside. We do self-portraits in moments that can never be captured again.

WE CAN CREATE them to be just what people want us to see. Secure. In control. Cool. Actually I took this photo as I was driving 60 miles an hour going north on the Garden State Parkway. Yeah, that’s really cool…..especially when I started to sway into the next lane.

MOST OF ALL, creating self-portrits is a discipline. Learning how to take the good with the bad and then doing it all over again. (if you survive!)

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