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the last time i saw you

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

The last time I saw JoAnn she was kicking me out of their current home. I just wanted to take a piss. The last time I saw Lowri, she was getting married and her father left her a ton of money. The last time I saw Suzy we were hugging on her front porch on a windy day in late October and she was chasing her Halloween decorations which were blowing all over the neighborhood. I miss her the most. The last time I saw Erin she had come back from Colorado forever but was storming out of the bookstore because I am a jerk. The last time I saw Debbie we were snowed in her country home over and beyond the other side of Jersey. The last time I saw Tammy, she said her new boyfriend was an old friend from high school and had a BIG pickup truck. The last time I saw Marielle she was driving her pickup away from me on a lonely road somewhere in a fishing town upstate NY. (she just gave me a baby tree from the back of the truck) The last time I saw Jill, she gave me two Christmas presents early (a Giants tree ornament and underwear) as I was leaving the the early sunlit front door. The last time I saw Maggie, she told me I sing off cue and I needed a vacation. The last time I saw Sandra, she asked me to come back to her parents cabin by the lake. But I had to work. And that was it. I never saw her again.