Brooke’s BIG Night….Entry for November 14, 2008

From all the reports that I heard Brooke was spectacular as the lead, Laurey Williams. I am sure Brenda was smiling too. I am so very proud of her and so is everyone else. Perhaps the most recognized play of all time, It was a box-office smash and ran for an unprecedented 2,212 performances in […]

Double HURRAY !!!!!…..Entry for May 13, 2008

This is what I DO love about technology—-a photo sent over the phone. Do you think Bernadette looks proud here? Three unbelievable smiles!!! Afterwards a phone call from Bernadette, mothers day weekend. KRISS & CASS were accepted to the University of Cinncinnati ! What a celebration ! Bern was full of tears in her phone […]

Brooke says Hello!…….Entry for February 6, 2008

She is Brooke! Daughter of Jim and Brenda Corday. She will be a teenager next month (March 14) if you believe it or not. Our children are getting so big. Brooke plays two sports in school, Basketball and soccer. She has become a talented team leader and a beautiful young lady. Her grades are awesome. […]