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Redesiging design, coloring outside the lines, rolling down hills, figuring out strange people, dreaming in black and white, photographing in black and white, juggling, body surfing, fantasy football, painting, design, digital art and photo manipulation, green oceans, blue oceans, museums, discovering small towns, biking, beach, relationships that tear my heart out, bad poetry, movie making and BLOGGING

Possum ‘N Pepper

27 views Dec 22, 2023 12 percent Rotten Tomates. The Full Review: Thanks to sluggish direction by Neon Dusk and a screenplay by three entire people who fail to display the focused writing talent of even one, this is a … Continue reading

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Jonny Boy

In more ways than ever you were like the family pet- huge, noisy,slept on the floor and kinda hairy. We gave you our mom and she accepted you and your brothers with open arms. We gave you our Beverly and … Continue reading

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Snowie The Most Beautiful Dog

Initial filming began in Botany Village June 2020. There were two scenes that involved police investigations. The “Train scene” in which “The Running Dude” runs across the railroad tracks before a train came had the train engineer call the police. … Continue reading

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Rascal (the rerelease 2020)

YouTube banned and removed this movie in 2009. This is the new release. 2020. Try to stay awake for the POST-CREDITS SCENE. After three months of back and forth arguments YouTube decided that my use of The Beatles song “GoodNight” … Continue reading

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Patricia Ann Moon (Aunt Pat) Brothers Wife

Patricia Anne Moon, of Akron, passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family on June 14, 2020 at Danbury of Hudson. Patti was a graduate of Cuyahoga Falls High School and Akron University, going on to retire as CFO of Allied-Baltic … Continue reading

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I Am Henryk

I Am Henryk based on a true story A Screenplay by George Hartman OPENING CREDITS ROLL MUSIC: An elaborate electronic space sound. Smooth and as continuous as the moving camera’s journey to earth. EXT: Deep in the universe, far from … Continue reading

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The Fourth Wall

I’m allergic to all the moral corruption that has rained down upon me last few years (sneezes) and Ive become misanthropic. I used to hike in high north Jersey trails and now I drive past them. I used to ride … Continue reading

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Family Icon

Perhaps the most iconic image in the family. Made the background of many photos taken in the house. An oil painting of Fredrick J. Gill, Westfield police department. I have no idea who painted it, nor of the date it … Continue reading

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wall murals seen

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the space between

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