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The Fourth Wall

I’m allergic to all the moral corruption that has rained down upon me last few years (sneezes) and Ive become misanthropic. I used to hike in high north Jersey trails and now I drive past them. I used to ride … Continue reading

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I’m all write.

(Inspired greatly by David Sedaris new book “Theft By Finding Diaries 1977-2002” I decided to at least attempt to write a few words every day. I have read every one of Davids books and wish I could write like him. … Continue reading

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this was our first summer Under the canvas gazebo Encased by the towering rows of impatiens, petunia’s and daisy where 8 foot tall sunflowers leaned into the bursting tomatoes conversations deep in three Layers of balanced stones where we met … Continue reading

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POV #8

E X P A N D the P H O T O

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Cloud Forest

The one reason why I thought it was NOT a dream was because I distinctly remember being so excited at this situation that I just had to put my arm around my father. While the photo was being taken, I … Continue reading

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pawn to king four

Early June. Welcoming the unofficial start of Summer. Here in the North/mid/east all the seasons don’t slowly blend into one like most of our southern friends .Our season are abrupt, extreme and sometimes frightening. Winter here was brutal and the … Continue reading

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low tide

A wooden house in eastern Europe. Elm trees. Low hills. My walking stick. “Let me sketch you.” Set yourself free. Charcoal shadows and hollow air. The earth sings goodbye to another day. Brisk and fresh. Steam and mist. There is … Continue reading

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A Night at the Circus

Let’s walk into the dark fields of uncut grass. Into the heart of America, the midwest laughter and red white and blue explosions in the sky. Feeling the immediate sowing of a yellow hook moon in my heart. Another journal … Continue reading

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Mark O’Neil

Mark O’Neil went to school with me at St. Joesphs (The Worker) Grade school in Carteret NJ. His family lived right next to the school and I remember there seemed to alot of turmoil in their home. They were a … Continue reading

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One bright Fall day in Rosendale NY

In my exploratory discoveries of upstate New York, yet another quaint little town shown to me by Golden Bear. We found Bob in a parking lot when a blue herring suddenly and gracefully flew across the sky. We all stood … Continue reading

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