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Family Talents

Art comes in all flavors. Gary shows us his wood crafting skills at work. If you have ever been to his home there are many projects by him, old and new, (my favorites are the outdoor bird cages) and his … Continue reading

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Four Days with Golden Bear or 512 kilometers to Gananogue !

Burned by the beach. Humiliated by reality. Gasping for air. Rescued by a friend. Lake Minnewaska in all it’s splendor. My journey took me here. My expenses: $15.00 gas money. My harvest: Three nights sleep on a real bed. A … Continue reading

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a birth of a new day

My boys have spent the last week at a friends house down the “Shore”, pool, beach and water park. So I went to pick them up and instead of fighting traffic Saturday morning, I zoomed into the darkness and slept … Continue reading

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BONNIE and PAUL are having a Boy

For Paul is a veteran of this whole “baby” thing and having boys is nothing new for him, it’s just another day at the races for him. This will be number 12 of “Our Children” unless of corse there are … Continue reading

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Why I love dogs….

If your house was on fire and you were asleep on the couch with your cat and dog on the floor. Who would save your life? On Family Ties Website I have my most embarrassing moment listed as: “I could … Continue reading

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Hands across the water….(water)

I believe more than anything that the closeness of our mother Joan to her only Brother, Fred was the amazing gift that they had left us. It wasn’t just a weekend get-together, or a quick holiday but when the Gills … Continue reading

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Was a hot Summer. A long Summer. I remember being in Dads Westfield Sewing Center when one of his teenage girl workers begged him to go home early so that she could get ready to leave for Woodstock. I remember … Continue reading

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The first of many; Gill-a-mania

Bernadette and Bonnie traveled to Cleveland today to meet up with our cousins. I started getting photos over my phone at noon. The first one was Cleveland Stadium where Jim just HAD to mention, it was where the Browns beat … Continue reading

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someday doesn’t come soon enough

I have been working entirely too much (what else is new) & haven’t had time to do a thing I like to do. No painting, sewing, smashing things…. oh wait! I did smash my husband’s head not too long ago. … Continue reading

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The Gills are home !

Thanks to modern technology (Facebook) we have located our long lost family!! This is very exciting to be finally be with them again. They all have grown children like us and have many stories to tell. I am a little … Continue reading

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