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Please keep Aunt Gerry in your prayers.

george, mom could certainly use your family’s prayers now, she not doing so well. in icu trying to hang on. robert. Aunt Gerry our fathers sister, recently had complicated surgery. Robert is her son.

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For Gods sakes put your arm around me!!!

Another photo from the Gerry archives. This is Uncle Bill. William Hartman. Dads brother. I will give Gerry tons of credit…even though the photo is taken too far away, off center and is blurry as hell….at least SHE TRIED! Thirty … Continue reading

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Jaybird, Gerry and Las Vegas

They say there is one in every family. That is, one whose passion for uncovering the secrets of their heritage leads to hours of research, pursuing small leads, and if fortunate enough to hit the family historians jackpot–discovering ancestral photographs….but … Continue reading

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A Night at the Circus

Let’s walk into the dark fields of uncut grass. Into the heart of America, the midwest laughter and red white and blue explosions in the sky. Feeling the immediate sowing of a yellow hook moon in my heart. Another journal … Continue reading

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Tag -you’re it.

“i will never forget watching the beatles on sullivan at 121 whitman with my cousins, barbra, beverly, george and gregory. laughing and throwing couch pillows at the screen while my older brother david ( who was sitting us while mom … Continue reading

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lost weekend

After the twisted storm had passed, the tornadoes papers flying out of the grasps of the harmless clouds. The banners hanging black unswayed and unnoticed … and very alone. “We tried…” someone whispered from the bricks. It was true. Effort … Continue reading

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