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A start for Gill Tree

Click here to enlarge. This is an extremely rough version, at least a small beginning of a Gill tree. I want to thank Cheryl, a friend of mine for digging in unexpectedly and doing this. Yeah there are missing last … Continue reading

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Our Aunt Pat

Very few of you will remember Brother’s wife, Pat Gill (now Moon). Maybe George and Barbara will but since Brother and Pat divorced in 1970, there are few memories. Pat is the mother of three of our cousins, Debbie Denmark, … Continue reading

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In regards to a very interesting comment delivered to this blog

Located in Comments on the post; Pawn to King Four “I HAVE INFO RE: OUR UNCLE WHO WAS LOST ON A SUB AND FRANK GILL WHO WAS KILLED IN THE PHILLIPINES WW11 says: November 10, 2015 at 2:00 pm (Edit) … Continue reading

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Hartmann – Online Family Tree‏

Two years ago I found our very distant cousin Caleb from Canada. Caleb has spent a lot of hard work and time constructing this on-line family tree. I am very grateful for our cousin for this tree goes back centuries … Continue reading

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Road Trips

Almost missed this great shot from a recent Summer road trip with a few of the Ohio Girls. Bernadette is probably taking this photo in the depths of Times Square NY. With the advent of Facebook there have already been … Continue reading

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Mother and son.

Around April I made it a mission to find Grandma Gill and Brothers grave. Earlier last year, Barb and I had unsuccessfully attempted to locate it and the office was closed on the weekend we were there. When I came … Continue reading

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Photos That Make You Think August 2009

To the best of my knowledge from what my mother told me: There was a neighbor that was an amateur photographer that came around and took photos of the Gill children. For the years that some of these were taken … Continue reading

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Hands across the water….(water)

I believe more than anything that the closeness of our mother Joan to her only Brother, Fred was the amazing gift that they had left us. It wasn’t just a weekend get-together, or a quick holiday but when the Gills … Continue reading

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The first of many; Gill-a-mania

Bernadette and Bonnie traveled to Cleveland today to meet up with our cousins. I started getting photos over my phone at noon. The first one was Cleveland Stadium where Jim just HAD to mention, it was where the Browns beat … Continue reading

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The Gills are home !

Thanks to modern technology (Facebook) we have located our long lost family!! This is very exciting to be finally be with them again. They all have grown children like us and have many stories to tell. I am a little … Continue reading

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