The end of the world………Entry for August 31, 2007

DO YOU REMEMBER when they dug the hole at the cemetary for mom? It had been 30 years since that hole was opened up for dad. Were you like me and did you peek into that deep dark hole? I saw water down there but I was looking for dads coffin. Really creepy, isnt it? So essentially dad is under water and mom is on top of him. It says in the bible that at the end of the world…all our earthly ashes will “rise up to reunite with our spirit”. That is even more creepy.

Did you know that there are 1,113 people from 9/11 six years ago where there is not ONE SINGLE MICROSCOPIC TRACE of them left. What happens to them at the end? Two years agao an Eagles fan was arrested for running across the field during a game spreading his mothers ashes as he ran. Apparently his mother was a big Eagles fan and this was her wish. At the end of the world will her ashes rise from the 20 yard line to meet her spirit?

SO NOW Carols ashes are next to Rebels in a box. In a small hole. That is what I want. I am extremely claustrophobic. I wonder what would happen if we mixed Carol and Rebels ashes together? In the end, would they mesh together into one spirit? A Careb perhaps. Maybe Rebels ashes would like it if we splashed a little of that whiskey in his box. At the end of the world roll call would he be a little tippsy?

HOW CONFUSED is God gonna be when Beverly and some dude with a cowboy hat and Atlanta Braves T shirt come out of moms coffin? I am so very frightened of the end of the world because it seems so near—technological advances are ridiculously swift….and knuckeheads own atomic weapons….I’m declining my invitation to doomesday and I hope my kids arent alive for it either.

THANK YOU Gary and Grant for bring Carol and Rebel together again.

Published by George C. Hartman

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